Laura Garbštienė. Knife-blades slowly synchronising

Ši paroda yra apie perteklių ir mastelį. Apie tai, kiek iš tikrųjų žmogui reikia. Aplinka mus išmoko vartoti, bet jeigu daiktus reikėtų pasidaryti pačiam, viskas būtų suvokiama visai kitais laiko, darbo masteliais. Parodoje pristatoma naujausia menininkės Lauros Garbštienės instaliacija, kurioje svarstoma apie ekologijos, vartotojiškumo ir mūsų kiekvieno vaidmenį sprendžiant šias dabarties pasaulyje itin aktualias temas ir problemas. Parodoje esantys objektai ir instaliacija yra nedideli ir iš pirmo žvilgsnio nežymūs. Bet galbūt toks ir yra tikrasis mūsų poreikis, kurio mes nesuvokiame kai aplink mus yra daiktų perteklius. 


(LT) LTMKS dalyvaus menininkų iniciatyvų tinklo AIM partnerių susitikime Rygoje LTMKS to take part in Artists’ Initiatives’ Meetings networking event in Riga

2019 m. rugsėjo 18-20 dienomis menininkų iniciatyvų tinklas AIM (artists’ initiatives’ meetings) rengia partnerių susitikimą Rygoje, Latvijoje, kur aptars ateities galimybes ir tuo pačiu užtvirtins planuojamos Kūrybiškos Europos bendradarbiavimo projektų paraiškos akcentus. Susitikime dalyvauja ir Lietuvos tarpdisciplininio meno kūrėjų sąjunga, kuri jame pristatys jau veikiančią naujają galeriją „Atletika“ bei būsimą kultūros centrą „Sodas 2123“. Susitikimą rengia Free Riga ir AIM partneriai Latvijoje Totaldobže meno centras. 

Dalyvaujantys partneriai 
CandylandKRÆ syndikatetArtist-Run Alliance1646 / alternative art guideOrmston HouseTOP

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Open Call for Exhibition and Project Proposals for Atletika 2020 Programme

New art space in Vilnius – Atletika Gallery – is open to exhibition and project ideas from artists and curators for 2020 and beyond. Please email your proposals including examples of work in a single pdf file by 25 September 2019.

“Atletika” is a new contemporary art space at the newly opening cultural centre Sodas 2123. It presents emerging and acclaimed artists from Lithuania and abroad. Its exhibition programme is open to experimentation, exploration of new processes in art and ideas of various directions.

Photo: Gintarė Grigėnaitė


Lietuvos tarpdisciplininio meno kūrėjų sąjunga Vilniaus galerijų savaitgaliui ruošia naujos meno erdvės atidarymą ir seriją renginių

Lietuvos tarpdisciplininio meno kūrėjų sąjungos jau ketvirtąjį kartą organizuojamas Vilniaus galerijų savaitgalis šiemet vyks rugsėjo 5–8 dienomis, o į LTMKS pristatomus renginius visi kviečiami rugsėjo 6-8 dienomis. 



TT Group Exhibition

“TT” is one of the exhibitions of Vilnius Gallery Weekend, organised on the occasion of the opening of new contemporary art space “Atletika”. This new art gallery will be located in the cultural centre “SODAS 2123” (Vitebsko Str. 21 and 23, Vilnius), to be opened in spring 2020. Vilnius Gallery Weekend, organised by Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists Association for the forth year in a row, will take place between 5 and 8 September 2019. The opening of the exhibition “Répercussion” will invite everyone to join on Friday 6 September.

What is darkness and “underground” (in the broad sense) in phenomena such as “fake news”, mystification, anxiety, “dark side”, conspiracy theories, black humor, tricksterism. The viewer is encouraged to try to grasp or imagine the core of darkness. But all these topics are perceived without didactics and preaching, and as inevitable reflections of the phenomena and problems of the present world. Critical approach is important here, but not essential, so we suggest to forget everything you were expecting. 

TT has multiple meanings. It is a crying emoticon (vertical dashes for tears and horizontal for eyes) and an abbreviation for trending topic. TT is the most popular song of the most popular KPOP girl band “Twice” of South Korea. The song is especially loved by meme makers of internet forums. Looking from further away TT is similar to Pi (the infinite number). TT is two unfinished crosses. TT is an abbreviation in Tartar language. And so on.

“Atletika” is a new contemporary art space at the cultural centre “SODAS 2123”.The gallery presents emerging and acclaimed artists from Lithuania and abroad. Its exhibition programme is open to experimentation, exploration of new processes in art and ideas of various directions.

Cultural centre “SODAS 2123” is a self-governed community based space, which unites tens of creators and researchers of different fields, with practices based on experimentation, developing of unexpected formats and responding to the latest cultural, social, geopolitical, ecological issues. “SODAS 2123” will provide workshops and equipment for a variety of art disciplines, and each resident of the complex will be open for sharing, learning and craftsmanship. “SODAS 2123” is operated by Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association.

Participants: Tomas Daukša, Justė Venclovaitė, Robertas Narkus, Aistė Viršulytė, Rokas Dovydėnas, Vitalij Červiakov, Rūtenė Merkliopaitė, Adomas Danusevičius, Darius Žiūraand others

Curator: Danutė Gambickaitė

Designer: Laura Grigaliūnaitė


19:00 exhibition opening at “Atletika” gallery (Vitebsko 21, Vilnius), 

20:00 sound programme (TBA)

Exhibition opening times

07/09/2019 14:00-20:00

08/09/2019 17:00-19:00

11-28/09/2019 Tuesdays to Fridays 14:00-19:00

Organised by Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association.

Partly supported by Lithuanian Council for Culture.


The 4th Annual Vilnius Gallery Weekend Will Explore How Exhibition Spaces Are Changing

Vilnius Gallery Weekend will be taking place for the 4th time on 5-8 September. This year, the organisers have created a route that will take visitors through 25 galleries and exhibition spaces located not only in the city centre but also in more remote districts and even outside the city itself. The four-day programme includes 12 exhibition openings, a performance by one of the Golden Lion laureates, a discussion on the ecosystem of Vilnius exhibition spaces and many other events.

The event, held by the Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association(LIAA), is welcoming visitors to explore various art spaces throughout the city, as well as to present new initiatives and develop a lasting habit of visiting galleries. Over time, the event has become a part of not only the cultural life in the capital but also an international tradition, since similar events have been taking place in various cities throughout Europe and the whole world for over a decade.

The Gallery Weekend, which has been taking place in early September each year since 2016, now serves as an occasion to begin the new season of contemporary art exhibitions. “Even though seasons seem insignificant to the contemporary art scene, as most galleries hold exhibitions year-round, they still affect the city itself. The number of people increases with the very first days of autumn, as new residents move in, and it is particularly important to present them with a rich panorama of contemporary art,” said Gabrielė Radzevičiūtė, the young art theorist and curator who created the programme for this year’s event.

The event begins on Thursday, 5 September with a discussion on the ecosystem of Vilnius exhibition spaces. It will seek to ascertain how new players change the art sphere and what happens when older institutions close down. The conversation will symbolically take place at the Contemporary Art Centre (CAC), which is due to close for reconstruction later this autumn, and has prepared a rich programme for Vilnius Gallery Weekend. It will offer two exhibition openings as well as guided tours, an educational programme for children, a concert and a give-away of duplicate copies of publications from its reading room collection. 

The Gallery Weekend route will include not only well-established exhibition spaces such as the CAC, National Gallery of Art (NDG), Rupert centre for education, residences and exhibitions, Vartai, AV17 and Vilnius Academy of Arts galleries, but also a number of newcomers. Friday will see the opening of Atletika gallery, the first exhibition space on the developing SODAS 2123 culture complex on the historic hill of the former Heaven’s Gardens on Vitebsko street. The space, which is curated by the Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Union, will host exhibition openings, concerts and presentations of new initiatives and books.

If you are looking for a quick weekend getaway outside the city, the programme creators suggest getting on a train to Lentvaris. You might witness a performance by Arturas Bumšteinas, who will be spending his Saturday afternoon at the Lokomotif meeting place, which opened this spring at the historic railway station in Lentvaris. On Sunday, Lentvaris railway depot will host a performance by the artist Lina Lapelytė, co-author of the Sun & Sea (Marina) opera-performance, which won the Golden Leon at the Venice Biennial. 

All Vilnius Gallery Weekend events are free of charge.

For the full programme of the Vilnius Gallery Weekend, see:


Atletika gallery (Vitebsko St 21, 23)

(AV17) gallery (Totorių St 5)

Dūmų Fabrikas gallery (Dūmų St 3)

Meno Niša gallery (J. Basanavičiaus St 1/13)

SHCH/ŠC gallery (Teatro St 7A)

Trivium gallery (Vilkpedės St 7–105)

Vartai gallery (Vilniaus St 39)

SODAS 2123 culture complex (Vitebsko St 21, 23)

LAA gallery Arka (Aušros Vartų St 7)

Lentvaris depot (Geležinkelio St 15, Lentvaris)

Autarkia artist centre (Naugarduko St 41)

Studium P art project space (Pylimo St 20)

National Gallery of Art (Konstitucijos Ave 22)

VITRINA & Bench exhibition space (Kauno St 36, Kombinat Dailė, 1st floor)

Editorial project space (Latako St 3)

Prospekto gallery (Gedimino St 43)

Lokomotif meeting space (Geležinkelio St 13, Lentvaris)

Contemporary Art Centre (Vokiečių St 2)

Rupert interdisciplinary centre for education, residences and exhibition (Vaidilutės St 79)

UMI gallery Kalnas (Krivių St 10)

Vilnius Photography Gallery (Stiklių St 4 / Didžioji St 19)

VAA exhibition hall Titanikas (Maironio St 3)

VAA textile gallery Artifex (Gaono St 1)

VAA gallery Akademija (Pilies St 44)

VAA project space Krematoriumas | Meno Krosnys (Maironio St 6, II courtyard)

The project is partially funded by the Lithuanian Council for Culture, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania and Vilnius City Municipality

More information:

Gabrielė Radzevičiūtė

Vilnius Gallery Weekend Curator 


Tel. +370 626 89 230

Jogintė Bučinskaitė

Vilnius Gallery Weekend Communications Curator 

Email: joginte.bucinskaite@gmail.comTel. +370 


Vertical bio garden by Justin Tyler Tate

‘Scaffold’ was constructed by Justin Tyler Tate during the inaugural artist in residence program at Vitebsko 21-23 in Vilnius, Lithuania, organized by Lietuvos tarpdisciplininio meno kūrėjų sąjunga / Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association & partly supported by Lithuanian Council for Culture.“Scaffold” marked the very first attempt of artists to get in contact with local community. Residents from surrounding areas were invited to bring weeds from their gardens and plant them into the communal vertical bio sclupture constructed by artist. The night ended with sound performances by AciDJ MISHANDLE (Cashmere Radio) & 23Suspect (Phantazüm) and Tokus Ponem.


Journals 1988 – 2019. Camilla Graff Junior

Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Associationis pleased to present a performance led by artist Camilla Graff Junior. Departing from her past diaries, in this performance Camilla Graff Junior reactivates different moments of her life, feelings and thoughts. The project circles around memory and affect. The diaries are written between 1988 and today and the audience is one by one invited to select an excerpt that Camilla reads aloud first in Danish, her native language, and then translates into French.

Camilla Graff Junior is a Danish performance artist. Her projects are situated in the intersections between visual art, creative writing, narrative, feminist theory, archive and affect.Over the past twenty years she has conceived a number of solo and collaborative performances that have been performed in Europe, Africa, South America and the United States. She graduated in performance studies in 2007 and holds a double Master’s degree from Université la Sorbonne Nouvelle in Paris and from the University of Copenhagen.

Performance date 07/08/2019, 5:30 pm (duration: 60 min), entrance is free and open to public, no registration necessary.

The project is supported by Danish Arts Foundation and Danish Stage Directors. 

Related residencies: MoKS, Mooste (EE) and Studenterhytta in Nordmarka, Oslo (NO).

The presentation of the performance is organised by Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association, with kind support of Lithuanian Council for Culture.


Vertikalaus sodo Scaffold atidarymas su rezidentu Justin T. Tate

Lietuvos tarpdisciplininio meno kūrėjų sąjunga kviečia susipažinti ir pasodinti! Šį ketvirtadienį, 2019 m. liepos 25 d. nuo 17 val. naujame kultūros komplekse Vitebsko g. 21 & 23 Vilniuje vyks menininko Justin Tyler Tate mėnesio trukmės rezidencijos pristatymas.


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