Audiolaukas: Cassini & Waterflower

Sodų 4 is happy to present the new sound series “Audiolaukas”, organised in collaboration with Agharta. The first sound performance night of this series will introduce guests from Brasil “Cassini” as well as solo project “Waterflower” from our neighbour Latvia.


Architecture of Darkness

Author: Julija Tamulevičiūtė

Till 25 February at National Art Gallery in Vilnius the newest 3D video works by Deimantas Narkevičius are displayed. More about the exhibition here.

Image interpretation created by Julija Tamuleviciute.


(LT) Liamo Gillicko gamtos giesmė Šiuolaikinio meno centre Vilniuje

Author: Benjamin Ismailov

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(LT) Šiuolaikinio meno objektas kaip atsitiktinė erdvė

Author: Auridas Gajauskas

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Self-repair lab, part of siNbiozė project, at TopLab in Berlin

Self-repair lab, a part of siNbiozė project, with an exhibition and a workshop on monitoring urine takes place in a newly shaping TopLab in Berlin 16 December 2017. Offering activities in real laboratory and also home–like environment, as well as philosophical/theoretical, scientific and hands–on approaches, this lab will allow to discuss the issues of self–repair, creation/altering of organisms as well as bioethics/biosafety from multiplicity of perspectives.


MUU Gallery presents “Performance Voyage 7” Screening

“I want my revolution / nice and comfy”
-Niko Skorpio

Performance Voyage 7 (PV7), an international collection of video performances produced by Artists’ Association MUU, Finland, will be screened at project space “Sodų 4” in Vilnius, Lithuania, 20 December 2017, 7 pm, in collaboration with Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association.


“The eyes are most sensitive to red”: Geistė Marija Kinčinaitytė & James Wilkie

“The eyes are most sensitive to red” – is an experiential space created to present Geistė M Kinčinaitytė’s project “Bodies Inside Out”, which explores articulations of corporeality in contemporary artists’ moving image installations that aim at intensifying emotional and bodily sensations.


Dorota Gawęda & Eglė Kulbokaitė: YGRG150: LE MUSÉE MENTEUR

Pompeii was discovered and with it was the museum, the circus, the antiquarian shop, the souvenir, and tourism, and so with them, the closet, the private box, the secret cabinet, the dark room, and the peephole.


Merzbow and Balázs Pándi experimental music spectacle

Author: Anton Zolo, Laima Stasiulionytė

12 October 2017 at Vilnius Energy and Technology museum experimental music legend from Japan Masami Akita aka Merzbow was playing. Together on stage drummer from Hungary Balázs Pándi showed up. Group was warmed by Girnų giesmės (Laurynas Jukonis).

Image / Laima Stasiulionytė

Sound / Anton Zolo


(LT) Gyvenu, vadinasi, mąstau, arba Gyvulių misija

Author: Sibilia Tores

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