Žigelytė Lina

Lina Žigelytė_pasimatymai

Rendezvous, 2013, video installation, Vilnius, Culture Night

A slide projector used in the installation refers to the origin of moving image and creates an archive, which revives the spaces of Vilnius where sexual minorities were used to or are continuing to gather. Photographs of parks, streets and other urban spaces interlace with snatches of conversations, memories and personal ads. The abstract photography and tactile relation to it invites the audience to engage in the historiographic process.

Lina Žigelytė_tapimas

Becoming Lithuania, 2012, performance, Vilnius, parking lot under the monument square for Vincas Kudirka. A slide from video documentation

When I’m scared to go outside, they tell me: Be yellow, green, red. When I’m being robbed, they tell me: Be yellow, green, red. When I’m forbidden to speak, they tell me: Be yellow, green, red. When I sleep with someone I want to, they tell me: Be yellow, green, red. When I leave, they tell me: Be yellow, green, red. When I have no money, they tell me: Be yellow, green, red. When I no longer believe lies, they tell me: Be yellow, green, red. When I’m waiting in a queue in front of the door shut, they tell me: Be yellow, green, red. When my desires are being killed, they tell me: Be yellow, green, red.

Lina Žigelytė_beieskant

Searching for Simon/e, 2013, portable sound installation and map

It is a dream-like mystery story, inviting us to listen and look around in Nida more attentively. It is a meditation on distances and intimacy, a search for consonances, where a fisherman Simon and a philosopher Simone meet. Were they certainly here? What did they do here? How do remote locations change us? The artist invites us to wander following her sound guide and a map-like booklet. Download the guide here: https://soundcloud.com/linazigelyte/searching-for-simone. The project is realized during the residency in Nida Art Colony.

Lina Žigelytė_tolimi

Distant Intimacies, 2010, audiovisual installation, Hartnett Gallery, Rochester, US

The installation is a melancholic meditation on relationship. The photographs capture places important for the author, where she used to while away the time with her partner. Projections are followed by recorded memories. Cyclically reiterated memories and photographs tracing the past merely foreground the abysses that open up between bodies and desires.

Lina Žigelytė was born 1982 in Vilnius. Graduated from media and performance studies at Utrecht University, Netherlands. Currently lives in US. Since 2010 participates in group shows and festivals (Jerk Off festiva in Paris, Hartnett Gallery, Rochester, US). Her body of work mainly deals with intersections and divides between sexuality and representation. In her audiovisual installations, digital projects and performances she documents non-normative sexuality and questions what it means to show the Other. Her minimal sound, abstract photography and site-specific strategies investigate the relation between representation and cognition.

Keywords of Creative Practice

Memory, space, time, sexuality, sound, historiography, archive

Artists I Admire

Félix-González Torres, „Sins Invalid“ collective, Sophie Calle, Claude Cahun, Derek Jarman

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