at Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association’s project space Malonioji 6 (Malonioji st. 6, Vilnius).

Opening: 15th of October, 6 pm.
Exhibition lasts until 28th of October.
Exhibition is open on Wednesdays and Saturdays on 5–7 pm or at different time arranged in advance by calling +37062230422.

Mėlyna. Raudona (en. – Blue. Red) is an exhibition by Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists Association’s members Lina Albrikienė and Lina Zaveckytė representing their artworks united by themes of personal and collective memory. It brings attention to traumatic experience as well as it’s appearances and transformations in contemporary time.

In the four-part installation From Lazdynai to Paneriai (2014), Lina Albrikienė highlights places in Vilnius that have a strong historical and biographical significance. Personal and collective trauma are interwoven with the Holocaust as well as Soviet history. By using criminal investigation strategies artist brings attention to her personal, family events, usually using installation as a form constructed from such segments as videos, photos, sound or objects. One of the strongest artist’s creative methods –merging of personal and surrounding experiences.

L.Zaveckytė’s Negrįžtamas taškas (2014 m.) talks about turning point of Lithuania’s Independence and events of January 13th. Here semantic network is being created and suggested intuitive artwork’s reading possibilities opens up various layers of memory, fantasy, symbolic, historical and personal reality. Artist is interested in collective memory representations in traditional and contemporary technologies, physical and mental changes and how to experience them as a stage of in-betweeness.

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Exhibition is partially supported by Lithuanian Council For Culture and Lithuanian Ministry of Culture.

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