Arnis Aleinikovas

Arnis Aleinikovas, also known as SINUO (translated from Latin as “sinus” meaning wind or curve), is a young lithuanian artist active in the fields of contemporary performance, alternative theatre, electronic music, and writing. Arnis received his MFA from the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague in 2022 and has worked in a number of foreign theatres and interdisciplinary arts organizations. Since 2020, his work has been presented at the prestigious contemporary art festival Documenta fifteen in Kassel, Germany, at the Baltic Contemporary Art Festival Volume Up in New York, at DISK Theatre in Prague, at Recompose Studio in Prague, at the Slovak Contemporary Theatre Festival “Žilina”, and others. His poetry has been published in both German and Lithuanian in the Munich Culture Magazine.

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Short description of work (last 4 years)

2022 – Creation and release of the first EP “Emergency Exit”.

2022 – The 5 selected poems and a play for theatre were published in the 3rd issue of the Munich cultural magazine “Turtle magazin(e)”.
The audiovisual installation and somatic movement performance REST was created and presented in Prague in 2021. In 2022, the installation was presented at VMU Art Gallery 101.
2022 – Hybrid performance “One dream is over. In transition” was presented at Kaunas Picture Gallery together with Japanese artist Sai Sai.
2022 – Creation, translation and presentation of the play “This address does not exist”, constructed by artificial intelligence, to Lithuanian audiences.
2021 – Creation of the movement and contemporary media-based performative film “PULSE”. DISK theatre, Prague.
2021 – Video editing “Not enough tears”
2020 – Creation and presentation of the live online performance “Fragmented Realities”.
2020 – Creation and presentation of the durational performance-study “ROOM in 286/75”, streamed live online.
2020 – Creation of the live-streamed, time-spanning performance-study “Apartment”.
2020 – The interdisciplinary project “Lined Courtyards of Šilainiai” was realised together with actress Edita Niciūte.
2019 – Video performance   “//////O”
2018 – The performance “I am ok” focuses on the inner world of the queer man. The performance was created as part of the Young Arts For Queer Rights and Visibility project on the island of Baltrum, Germany. It was presented to the public in Cologne, Germany in autumn 2018.
2018 – The performance “Inside” was created together with Stephanie Mösl and presented to an audience in Cologne, Germany. 

PULSE, 2021

REST, 2021


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