LTMKS project spaces “Atletika” / “Sodų 4” / “Malonioji 6”

Up until 2014 LTMKS was a virtual organisation (without premises) and organized its projects in various spaces like Kablys (“The Hook”, the former Railway Workers’ Culture Palace in Vilnius), military barracks in the Northern Town district of Vilnius, the Contemporary Art Centre, the Ministry of Fluxus (a government-sponsored artist studio complex in Central Vilnius), and in public spaces. Since 2014, the association has established a gallery-project space that is run all year-round (2014-2015 „Malonioji 6“, 2016-2019 „Sodų 4“). The current space “Atletika” was opened in September 2019. Situated over entire ground floor (200 sqm) of the older building it is the largest exhibiting space LTMKS has had so far.

“Atletika” is a contemporary art space at the cultural centre “SODAS 2123”. It presents emerging and acclaimed artists from Lithuania and abroad. The exhibition programme, curated collectively, is open to experimentation, exploration of new processes in art and ideas of various directions. The gallery is open during exhibitions.

„Sodų 4“

„Malonioji 6“


Cultural Centre “SODAS 2123”

Newly developed cultural centre “SODAS 2123” is a self-governed community based space which unites tens of creators and researchers of different fields, with practices based on experimentation, developing of unexpected formats and responding to latest cultural, social, geopolitical, ecological issues. “SODAS 2123” will provide workshops and equipment for a variety of art disciplines, and each resident of the complex will be open for sharing, learning and craftsmanship. “SODAS 2123” is operated by Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association and has been publicly opened in September 2020.


Vilnius Gallery Weekend

Gallery weekends have been taking place in cities in Europe and all around the world for over a decade. The goal of this yearly event is to provide an opportunity to discover the city’s art spaces, visit exhibitions, meet creators and form a lasting habit of going to galleries. Vilnius Gallery Weekend, initiated and organised by LTMKS, has been taking place since 2016 and symbolically marks the beginning of the exhibition season. The event is now becoming a yearly tradition, bringing public attention to the broad panorama of contemporary art in the capital and encouraging visitors to find new destinations on the city’s ever-growing cultural map.



New LTMKS residency will be opened at the cultural complex Sodas 2123 in the year 2020. It will be the only constantly operating international residency program in the heart of Vilnius city. Sodas 2123 is a self-governed community based space which unites dozens of artists and researchers of different fields. Complex accommodates working studios for approx. 40 local artists and culture practitioners. Guest residents will be working within the complex, it will enable them to be directly involved in Lithuanian cultural action and initiatives.


Artist Residency Series Organised by Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association 2013–2019

One Artist Residency at “Sodas 2123”
A Series of Miniresidencies with Presentations at “Sodu 4” project space.
A Series of Miniresidencies with Presentations at “Sodu 4” project space.
Residency Living / and / or Working by “Gruppe Uno Wien”
Migrating Art Academies (continuous EU funded residency project, collaboration with Vilnius Academy of Arts)
Mini-residencies for people doing strange things with electricity
Migrating Art Academies (continuous EU funded residency project, collaboration with Vilnius Academy of Arts)


“Alt Lab” – non-disciplinary research laboratory 

“Alt Lab” was initiated in late 2019 by Institutio media and artist and curator Mindaugas Gapševičius. “Alt Lab” is a non-disciplinary research laboratory dedicated to artistic-scientific research and implementation of interdisciplinary projects. It fills the gap between the raised awareness of environmental changes and the Anthropocene, artistic practices, scientific experiments, and daily habits around our kitchens. People in the lab share their knowledge, de-mystify scientific experiments, and sophisticated artistic mythos.


LIAA radio (LTMKS radijas)

LIAA radio is a sound art platform which initiates creative processes and listening sessions. Radio program is designed for experiments, undiscovered audio experiences and personal audio wanderings. The aim of the Radio is to research manifestations of sound art, to gather a community of sound artists in Lithuania and on the Internet, to promote the research of sound art forms as well as creation and dissemination of works.


Open Interdisciplinary Art Archive

Since 2013 LTMKS is running a project “Open Online Library of Lithuanian Video, Performance and Sound Art Since 1987”.


LTMKS Art Journal “Leisk man kukuoti”

This project ran between 2015–2017 for The Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists Association’s webpage as a column called “Leisk man kukuoti” which means “Let me Cuckoo”. Once a week alternative texts, images and sound reportages, conversations and other kinds of experiments from different interdisciplinary exhibitions, festivals, events in Lithuania and elsewhere were published. Once a year it shared best posts in a curated paper-zine. Editor Karolina Rybačiauskaitė.


Publications by LTMKS

Audrius Novickas „Hiperkilpos = Hyperloops“ (2019)

Project Space “Sodų 4” (2019), ed. Gabrielė Radzevičiūtė, Lina Rukevičiūtė

Postdisciplininis leksikonas (2018), sud. Vytautas Michelkevičius

Malonioji 6: projektų erdvė / project space (2015)

(In)dependent Contemporary Art Histories: Artist-run Initiatives in Lithuania 1987-2011 / (Ne)priklausomo šiuolaikinio meno istorijos:savivaldos ir iniciatyvos Lietuvoje 1987 – 2011 m. (2011)

(In)dependent Contemporary Art Histories. 2nd volume / (Ne)priklausomo šiuolaikinio meno istorijos (II tomas) (2014)

(In)dependent Contemporary Art Histories. Artist-run Initiatives in Lithuania 1980–2022, 3rd volume/(Ne)priklausomo šiuolaikinio meno istorijos: savivaldos ir iniciatyvos Lietuvoje 1980–2022 m. (III tomas)

„Viena idėja“ Ernestas Parulskis. „Examining the void“/„Tuštumos ekspertizė“

„Viena idėja“ Gintaras Makarevičius. „Breath of Silence“/ „Tylos alsavimas“

„Viena idėja“ Milda Laužikaitė. „Daydreaming“/ „Plevenimas“

„Viena idėja“ Laura Garbštienė. „I’m abark beetle“/ „Aš kirvarpa“