Balčiūnaitė (Margarita) Justė

2020 “I take a look inside at last”
Light and photography installation. Suzinai chapel, Vilnius

I take a look inside at last.
I try to focus, but my mind runs to the streets, parties, shops or bars.
How much of the outside fits inside?
I get stuck on the scars while moving through the surface.
I remember that it used to be the chapel, then souvenirs shop, now the chapel again, then
I make it up with constant change.

Chapel was built in 1708 and had to be the burial place for Suzinai family and pranciškonai
monks. During soviet times, it was made a souvenir shop, and now it is abandoned and used
by prayer groups. Justė Margarita explores the sense of constant change and goes into
layers of memory by the use of light. The mind contrast caused by the photographed objects
and the chapel relation, emerge internal harmony or disorder conditions.

2017 Hair sculpture composition “Atmena” (lithuanian – memory storage)
Sculpture/performance. Duration 2h. Culture night 2017, Ramintoja church, Vilnius

From ancient times it is believed that hair is much more than beauty. Based on research, people’s
stories and personal experience, it can be stated that hair keeps memory and emotions based on
previous experiences. Sculpture is the object to memorize, retain or preserve. Composition concludes
three sculptures from live people. Black sculpture parts contrast with colorful hair, combed from the
back to the front. This way the memory kept in hair is expressed – lively and timeless.

2016 “Light & sexy”
Photography. Personal exhibition during the “Pokšt” gallery opening, Utena

[„Light & Sexy“] title is a game of words, which helps to reveal the symbolic meaning of the
chosen objects in the photographs. Intimate atmosphere is expressed through the object and
reflects sexuality as it is common in society – light and carefree.