Eimulytė Greta

Greta Eimulytė – an artist whose creative expression varies between drawing, writing, sculpture, video and sound installations.

Artist’s creative strategy is based on the search for a balance between analytical and intuitive approaches: freely interpreted research strategies create a network of information and knowledge; themes are examined through historical, social and cultural prisms; yet the content is linked by a distinctive, authentic and poetic language, metaphors, and only implicit actions and narratives.

The works reflect on the artist’s environment, often thematically exploring the relationship between the city and the human body, urbanism, architecture and the social patterns and relationships that develop in these environments.

Installation „Shade“ (2023). Photo: Laurynas Skeisgiela

Sound installation „The Oyster“ (2022). Photo: Alanas Gurinas.

 https://youtu.be/sPBHAZAQU-A Camera: Alanas Gurinas. Editing: Matas Šatūnas.