Galinytė Inga

Inga Galinytė is an interdisciplinary & performance artist. Her current study focuses on the phenomenon of empathy and its transformative quality that affects human beings by altering traumatic experiences into a source of imagination. In the periphery of her research, there are the elements of sleep and flow as the symbols of pause and motion as well as the ritualistic traits appearing in any type of coexistence including the never ending process of rapprochement and separation.

ART ACTION WEEK ‘MAS’ performative installation ‘Bad dream’. Idea – Inga Galinyte, performer – Inga Galinyte. Vilnius, Lithuania 2022 (in progress). Photo – Martynas Norvaišas.

CITE INTERNATIONALE DES ARTS residency open studio  ‘Memory islands’. Idea – Inga Galinyte & Chloé Bellemère. Performers – Inga Galinyte & Chloé Bellemère. Paris, France, 2021 (in progress). Photo – Rahiche Hamid, Chloé Bellemère.

SKG BRIDGES UPRISING ART & CULTURE FESTIVAL performance ‘Empathetic body: baths of future paradise’. Idea and choreography – Inga Galinyte & Anna Papathasiou ft JGDubs, performers – Inga Galinyte & Anna Papathasiou ft JGDubs, lighting design – Cristian Petru. Thessaloniki, Greece, 2019. Photo – Petros Chytiris.

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