Gascevičius Gintautas

Gintautas Gascevičius Ginc – performer, drum and percussion master, composer.

Today, Gintautas is a participant of many musical projects, author of soundtracks for performances, creating without standards and constantly surprising listeners with unexpected conceptualisations of percussion, vocals, and images.

The solo album of the artist “FonoGrafijos” has been appreciated as one of the most conceptual albums released in 2017. Gintautas Gascevičius with a distinct individual style is appreciated in the art world as a highly original creator and performer of musical performances.

The artist’s work of 2018 is the CD album “Varava”. Here, the author focused on the organic presence of space as a musical instrument in the weave of ideas, overtones and influences. In some places, he deliberately avoids sterility, goes beyond the boundaries of professionalism, weaving a musical fabric, not avoiding sounding unusual. The worlds he creates with his music are very visual. It is a real theatre of sounds.

The sound of the album is completely different from “FonoGraphy”, although Gintautas continues his creative journeys through the “portals” of images and visions. It is a navigation through undiscovered worlds, an exploration of the landscapes of an unknown territory and their topographical marking.

2020 sees the release of his third solo album, Oneirology (Greek: oneiros – dream, logos – science). This is the third part of a trilogy: the first album was dedicated to Place, the second to Space, and the latter, as he says, is about Inside.

In 2021, the album Faust was released. It is the premiere of the performance piece Faust by J.W. Gete soundtrack.

The 2022 work was recorded together with US-based drummer Dalius Naujokaitis. The idea came from a conversation, when it became clear that they both liked Laozi’s work Dao De Jing. It is a text written in China two thousand years ago. The main idea of the work – the concept of “dao” – is described as a natural flow.
The artists decided to perform the work without any Chinese musical quotations or hieroglyphic decorations. The focus is on the content, which is universal, rather than on any geographical or cultural region.

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