Grudzinskaite Elena

To Actuate a walk Correctly, digital print, 100 x 140 cm

To Actuate a Walk Correctly, it's an attempt to follow a fixed rule perfectly. The rule consists of
walk along the same straight path in 4.30 min, to move by the same pace, to breathe in a constant
interval, by each thirty seconds capturing with camera the landscape that opens up to the eyes.
Performing this as smoothly as possible, and after 4.30 minutes, begin again from the same starting
Rule – law, principle, norm, established procedure for the achievement of the result. The pursuit of
a given formula should lead to the successful accomplishment of a job.
But what if the rule is just a reference to one of the many possible solutions and the result remains
unpredictable? What if following the rule several times, the result stays always variant.

“Fake landscapes. Rekonstrukctions/Starting point”, 2016, dry point, photo polymer gravure, paper, 126 x
190 cm, various dimensions

“Fake landscapes. Rekonstrukctions” it’s graphically depicted earthly terrains that were used by film
industry to create an impression of extraterrestrial landscapes. Those images are displayed together with a
series of photopolymers to transform the sites has actually been visited by the author into unearthly
scenery. Presents landscapes document reality and, at the same time, mystify it by bringing in and lodging
new meanings to make manipulations inside the viewer’s consciousness.
Courtesy of MO museum