Inčiūraitė Kristina

Kristina Inčiūraitė (b. 1974 in Šiauliai, Lithuania) lives and works in Waterford, Ireland.

She makes mainly video installations, experimental and documentary films, photographs, musical performances, and sound projects.

“During the creative process, I play with non-identity, false identity, hidden identity, and performative identity in order to question different ideologies, hierarchical social relations, and binary structures that establish differences between genders and subjects. I hope that transformative identity is capable of opening up a new horizon for different scenarios of experience and of breaking the prevailing sociopolitical patterns.”

Kristina Inčiuraitė

“The Balance of Sizes”, 2021, experimental film, 11 min.

“Limbo“, 2018, installation
experimental film (duration: 20 min) and objects

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