Jakas Algirdas

Algirdas Jakas is an artist currently based in Vilnius, who studied graphic arts at the Vilnius Academy of Arts and sculpture at the Hamburg University of Fine Arts (HFBK).
In 2020, he had a solo exhibition “Self-help Group” at the gallery “Left-Right”, Vilnius. In 2021, together with the artist Egle Ruibytė, he organised the exhibition “Prietemos atokaitos” in Lentvaris, which was part of the Lokomotif project space “Key, Tower and Crown”. In 2022, also together with artist Egle Ruibytė, he presented the project “Hermit crab” at the gallery “Atletika”. She has participated in group exhibitions in Münster (Germany), Vienna (Austria), Hamburg (Germany) and Olomouc (Czech Republic).

Algirdas’ artistic practice focuses on the blending of care, collective anxiety and different forms of self-diagnosis. Often using materials related to hobbies or therapeutic activities and combining them with drawing techniques, he explores individual self-help practices through “instruments of anxiety”. He is also interested in the translucency of the body and its datafication, as well as in technologies of hope. This is often mixed with the history and specificity of the project site and becomes an additional part of the research.

Instagram page – @algirdas.jakas

Meadow stare, lead, solder. Various dimensions.

Dusk heats, solder, Nissan Micra. Various dimensions.

Spine ladder, 2022. Paper, wire, epoxy resin. Various dimensions.

Worry bone, 2022. Paper, pencil, modelin. Various dimensions.

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