Kanarskaitė Elena

Elena Kanarskaitė is an interdisciplinary artist, graphic designer, living and working in Vilnius. Graduated from Vilnius College of  Design in graphic design, later VAA in graphic communication design. She works with personal creative projects as well as with various clients and customers.

Elena says that her work cannot be defined only as graphic design, illustration or installation art. Her work combines different media and tools to form an interdisciplinary approach. She often collaborates with other artists. Experience, impact and takeaway feeling are some of the main aspects that the artist aims to convey in her work.

In recent years, artist has organised and participated in exhibitions. In 2022, Elena participated in the ENTER Arts Festival and her work was exhibited at the Šiauliai Photography Museum. In the same year, E. Kanarskaitė was one of the speakers at the PICTOLASMA festival in Berlin, where she won a bronze in the Interactive Design category of the IDA (International Design Awards). In 2023, she participated in a group exhibition of MA Visual Communication students curated and organised by her, in June 2023, she exhibited her master’s thesis installation Desiring Machine at the LAA gallery AKADEMIJA in Vokiečių str.


Instagram – @hellene_kan