Latvytė-Bibiano Karolina

Karolina Latvytė-Bibiano (1991) is an interdisciplinary artist who delves into sensitive subjects such as anxiety and the fear of death in her artistic practice. Her latest pieces are strongly rooted in autobiography, addressing current topics and inviting the viewer to consider their own existence. Through her chosen artistic mediums, she crafts a distinct world where elements of horror and fear intersect.

Latvytė-Bibiano completed her bachelor’s studies in painting at the Faculty of Kaunas, Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts in 2015. In 2023, she finished her master’s studies in sculpture at Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts. Throughout her education, she expanded her knowledge at the Bologna Academy of Fine Arts in Italy and Jimei University in China. In 2017, she conducted a creative painting workshop titled “Landscape” in Mexico. Moreover, in 2018, she participated in the Ayatana Artist Research Program, “Parliament of Owl,” in Ontario, Canada.

In 2020, Latvytė-Bibiano founded the virtual “IRGI Gallery.”  Since 2021, she has been the coordinator of the “BANGUOJA” audio festival. In 2023, she joined the “Ryšiai” mental health arts festival team.

Emilija Statinaitė writes:

“The work of Karolina Latvytė – Bibiano is like a diary from life, which could have been written by the hand of any of us.It’s a narrative about choosing to confront rather than turn away from the idea of death, which takes root within the body from the very first cry of birth. How the living perceive death is a culturally specific practice, often accompanied by fear, anxiety, and discomfort nowadays. All of these elements are reflected in the artist’s work, where terrifying aesthetics and introspection take us on a therapeutic journey through emotions and memory. Concrete images and short stories—real or fictional—from personal life not only affect the viewer mentally but also elicit a natural bodily response, thereby highlighting our collective coexistence.

Between fear and fascination. 2022, series of drawings, watercolor, ink, paper 21 x 29.7 cm

How to skin. 2022, audio installation, 9:30 min.

Self-diagnosis. 2021, video, 3:30 min


Cover photo – Me, my  aunt and my grandad. 2023, video installation, 6:20 min