Luksyte Zivile


The artist Živilė Lukšytė has been well known in the design scene since she became a student at the Vilnius Academy of Arts. In 2013, the Italian company Status started serial production of Živilė’s light stick.

In the same year, the Vartai Gallery hosted her presentation during a weekly exhibition “Thursday Views”, into which the artist tried to shift mundane objects she created. The reason why she created them was this involuntary resistance to mass production of design, perhaps not so much because of a negative relationship with commercialisation, but because of a desire to avoid boredom. This kind of attitude towards the objects around us helps us to discover a new relationship with them. What has seemed functional and practical so far takes on a different value. The sense of touch, the story behind the design object becomes important, and the works are seen with a more sensitive eye.

It is very natural that Živilė Lukšytė is currently one of the members of the food design studio Less Table. The activities of this studio, which make sense of food experiences and unique eating experiences, are quite new in Lithuania and, perhaps, it is often questioned whether they can be considered an art practice at all. But, thanks to Živilė Lukšytė, the daily life and even such action as the necessity to fill up – is transformed into an artistic experience, and the creative powers of the human being are briefly unleashed with food and the whole performativity of the eating ritual.

Emilija Švobaitė