Pociūtė Julija

Julija Pociūtė is an interdisciplinary artist who combines video art, sculpture, design elements and photography. By combining different materials, the artist invites the viewer to rethink the fundamental principles of the environment, such as reality and illusion, through her experience. In her artistic practice, she focuses on the dualistic and temporary nature of the human being, questioning the influence of memory on the present. She is interested in historical memory as a system of fixing reality in which illusion becomes its opposite. When combined with each other, the different realities create a distinctive multi-layeredness, which becomes the guiding principle of Pociūtė’s work.

Solo exhibitions: ‘Quick Response’, Gallery AV17, Vilnius (2021); ‘Limits of Growth’, Gallery Meno Parkas, Düsseldorf (2021); ‘Stunned Eye Has Lost Its Amour’, Gallery Meno Parkas, Kaunas (2020); ‘Line of Imprint’, Gallery Cozinha, Porto (2018); Her works have been shown in group exhibitions: “Toruń Centre for Contemporary Art”, Poland; “SIM Residency”, Iceland; “OSTRALE Biennial O21”, Dresden; “EGC2021”, Bornholm Museum of Art, Denmark; Gallery LEVANT, Shanghai; “Kai Art Centre”, Tallinn; “Latvian National Museum”, Riga; Glasmuseet Ebeltoft, Denmark;

Exhibition image “Quick Response”, Gallery (AV17), Vilnius.


Exhibition image “Dust”, Tartu Art House, Tartu.

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