Pralgauskas Rokas

Rokas Pralgauskas (b. 1984) joined the Lithuanian Photographers’ Union in 2005 and began to participate actively in group exhibitions in Stockholm, Berlin and Italy. “Me, You and Other Frames” (Contemporary Art Centre, 2007), “1907-2007. Private conversations” (Vartai Gallery, 2007), “Sweet sweat of the future” (National Gallery of Art, 2019), “Audi. Progress through Technology” (Gallery “Atletika”, 2021). His solo exhibitions have been organised by institutions such as Giedre Bartelt Galerie (Berlin), Vilnius Photography Gallery, Prospekto Gallery and KKKC Palace. The author’s most important publications include a book of photographs and poems, Findings, Silver Dust and Other Flowers (2019), and a calendar of Zodiac Signs (2021).

A striking feature of Rokas Pralgauskas’s work is the distinctive and subtle line of absurdist humour, which can be seen in different forms in many of his projects. The artist does not limit himself to one medium, but seeks the interconnection of image and text, creates objects, video and sound installations, and recently has been working consistently on medium-format paintings.





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