Remeikytė Diana

Diana Remeikytė (b. 1996) is a graphic artist, not limited to one medium. She explores watercolour, painting,
weaves carpets using taffeta technique, experiments with natural colour pigments and materials, creates video art.
Her works form cycles that are linked by themes. Her work draws on literature, personal experience and theatre.
She chooses one or two works from the series and uses them to weave large-format textile paintings.
Since 2021 she has been collaborating with Contour Art Gallery.
Childhood, 2022.
Kitchen from living room. Watercolour, 39x53cm, 2022.
Ieva’s birthday. Simon_s bar. Camden. Watercolour, 25x39cm, 2022.
Mutation46, watercolour, 54x78cm.