Škulis Jelena

Jelena Škulis is a material and community-based artist and researcher.Graduated with a degree in psychology and textile art and design nowadays she performs Doctoral research Vilnius Academy of Arts, exploring relations and boundaries between community and material. Jelena and her colleague Dileta Deikė opened workshop & studio Handwork  (SODAS 2123). The aim of Handwork is to explore this activity through practice and rethink it throughout frames of history, philosophy, and daily life.

Community from Santa Casa da Misericórdia (Guimaraes, Portugal) & Škulis, Jelena. (2019—2021). Delirium e Memória. Photo: Drigotas, Mindaugas, & Liutkevičius, Karolis, Pylipas. https://magiccarpets.eu/residencies/jelena-skulis-skuliene/


Community (Vilnius, SODAS2123) & Handwork (duet: Deikė, Dileta & Škulis, Jelena). (2020). Stitching the Flag of Freedom. Photo: Frank, Eglė.

Community (Vilnius, SODAS2123), & Handwork. (2022). Stitching the Poem by Ukrainian poet Halyna Kruk about the War in Ukraine. Photo: Ineta Armanavičiūte.