Tamoševičiūtė Vaida

Vaida Tamoševičiūtė is an artist, lecturer and independent curator, working mainly in the field of performance art. in 2008 completed her master’s studies at the Kaunas Faculty of the Vilnius Academy of Arts. The artist is represented by the gallery Meno parkas. 


Since 2007 Vaida actively participates in exhibitions and art events, collaborates with other artists and curators, both in personal practice and in organizational activities, since 2014. teaches at the Vilnius Academy of Arts Kaunas faculty, and conducts various creative workshops as a guest lecturer. Collaboration, mentoring and education are integral parts of the personal creative process.

In 2011-2018, together with Daina Pupkevičiūte, she founded and curated the performance and live art festival CREATurE Live Art. Meno parkas gallery/Fluxus Ministry/POST Gallery, Kaunas

In 2018, she founded the S MOM performance art platform for the study of various states of (un)motherhood, curated together with the artist Guadalupe Aldrete (MX/AT) from 2021, implemented in Kaunas, Vienna and Berlin. Meno parkas gallery/BiteVilnius/Lukenskės namai/ Minus Zwei offspace/Kubus EXPORT/Gruentaler9

When I watch a performance, I understand that I never see it in its entirety. My witnessing is fragmentary, but within that fragment is a whole world. My memory is imperfect, and grows more so with the passage of time. I remember the first time I saw you perform. There was a public ritual by the beach and, later, a private moment before the waves. I remember your stillness and your focus, it was as though you became a statue, or an altar, calling forth so many Sacred Mothers. Something holy was taking place, but something awful also.

Joseph Morgan Schofield, 2021

Vaida Tamoševičiūtė transforms her concrete experience of being-in-the-world, subjected to the cyclical and linear transformations of the female body, into abstract action-images of being and the world, accessible to any mind in any kind of body. Yet the circumstantial and the localised play important roles in her work as a performance artist and as the co-director, with Daina Pupkevičiūtė, of the ‘CREATurE Live Art’ festival.

Anders Kreuger, 2019


Performance Synergy with Lukas Kolmogorcevas, Art festival Formos, 2021. Photo – Albinas Liutkus.

Performance All my scars, Undercurrent, NY, 2021. Photo – Vytenis Jankunas.

Performance Circles of Pain, 2022. Photo – Akvile Matulaityte, paintings – Julius Ludavicius, tattoo – Ieva Bartuskaite, sound – Justinas Stirblys, animation – Julius Guzaitis.

Video still performance for camera MAMA, 2019. Camera – Akvile Matulaityte.