Every year, the Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association provides members with a studio in the cultural center SODAS 2123 for creative activities and project development. In December 2023, artists Greta Eimulytė and Saskia Fischer will use LIAA creative studios in the cultural complex SODAS 2123 to work on their projects.

Lietuvos tarpdisciplininio meno kūrėjų sąjunga kasmet suteikia studiją nariams kultūros komplekse SODAS 2123 vykdyti kūrybinei veiklai, vystyti projektus. 2023-ųjų gruodžio mėnesį menininkės Greta Eimulytė ir Saskia Fischer naudojasi LTMKS kūrybine studija kultūros komplekse SODAS 2123.

One of the studios is being used this December by artist Greta Eimulytė. Recently, she has been reflecting on alternative ways of living in the city and the structures that enable such an existence, exploring the idea of contact as described by Jane Jacobs and Samuel R. Delany. Working in the studio, the artist seeks a visual approach to the material and new points of view on the subject. The above-mentioned works are in preparation for the residency that will start in January.

Greta Eimulytė is a young generation artist whose creative expression varies between drawing, writing, sculpture, video and sound installations. The works reflect on the artist’s surroundings, thematically exploring the relationship between the city and the human body, urbanism, architecture and the social patterns and interrelationships that develop in these environments.

The artist completed her Bachelor’s studies at the Department of Sculpture, Vilnius Academy of Arts. During her studies, she also had an internship at the Academy of Visual Arts in Munich (AdBK München), in the class of Professor Olaf Nicolai. She is a future participant of the international residency De Ateliers in Amsterdam. Her work has been presented in exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad, including the Contemporary Art Centre in Vilnius, Lothringer 13 Halle in Munich, Atletika Gallery, Titanikas Exhibition Hall, the Lithuanian National Martynas Mažvydas Library, and elsewhere. At the beginning of this year, together with Indre Urbelyte, she curated the group exhibition “Weather Forecasts”.

In another studio – artist Saskia Fischer.

“I’ve been looking for ways to connect to my new home. Being a foreign artist living and working in Lithuania, it took time to discover how to meaningfully engage my practice with the local context. With the help of this generous studio grant, I want to learn more about interwar Vilnius, its architecture and its relevance to Art Deco, which holds a specific unfulfilled promise relevant to my cultural background: the social and sexual liberation of the 1920s. I will continue this research, relating it to contemporary visions of female and queer bodies in urban space and a new framing of landscape.”
Artist’s interdisciplinary practice is characterized by artistic research within queer-feminist discourses, architectural theory and the contestation of a binary concept of nature. Saskia studied fine art at Goldsmiths, University of London (2018), photography at Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen (2015), and attended courses in glass art and sculpture and installation at Estonian Academy of Arts (2014).

Kultūros kompleksas SODAS 2123 – tai Lietuvos tarpdisciplininio meno kūrėjų sąjungos įkurta bendruomeniškumo ir savivaldos principais veikianti erdvė, kurioje buriasi per keliasdešimt įvairių sričių kultūros kūrėjų ir tyrėjų, kurie savo praktikose eksperimentuoja, ieško netikėtų formatų ir reaguoja į naujausias kultūrines, socialines, geopolitines, ekologines aktualijas.

LTMKS veiklas finansuoja Lietuvos kultūros taryba ir Vilniaus miesto savivaldybė.

Pagrindinis informacinis partneris – 15 min.