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The Limited Edition Artists’ Reproductions Platform Project (LIAA Editions) is an initiative consisting of the creation of limited edition, legal reproductions of artists’ works. With this project, LIAA aims to enrich the print format by incorporating different disciplines. Prints can be photographs or other experiments of various artists’ works (performances, sculptures, freeze-frames from video works, installations, fragments of artworks).

The initiative of the Limited Edition Artists’ Reproductions Platform aims at the legitimate sale and dissemination of artworks or reproductions of artworks, and the monetisation of artists’ creative activities.

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Currently available:

Tomas Daukša – Hairy Fountain

Hairy Fountain (Prototype 1), permanent marker on paper, 42 x 59,4, 2021
Price – 100
Size – A2
Print run – 10 + 2 AP

Aistė Marija Stankevičiūtė – If you dream of a marmot…(2022)

Kaina – 90 eur
Dydis – A2
Print run – 9 + 2 AP

Gabrielė Gervickaitė – Operation Space Surgery Nr.2.

Kosminė operacija Nr.2. Operation Space Surgery Nr.2. Popierius, mišri technika. Paper, mix technique, originalus dydis 100×70. 2012

Price – 110
Size – A2
Print run – 8 + 2 AP

Indrė Liškauskaitė – Plan nr. 190. Time planning instruction

Plan nr. 190. Time planning instruction.

2016 – ongoing. Paper, oil pastel

Each day of the week is marked with a different colour. The size of the task depends on its importance and the time needed to complete it. When the task is completed, it is coloured. In the weekly charts, the artist’s creative practice extends through the week, indicating the productivity of each day, and the remaining unfilled boxes indicate the work left undone. The panels intertwine the artist’s creative plans and expectations, her work, home and leisure, her obsession with the productive use of time and her visions of the near future.

Price – 90 eur.
Size – A2
Print run – 8 + 2 AP

Pakui Hardware, Underbelly, 2019. (Fragment)

Kaina – 150 eur
Dydis – A2
Tiražas – 15 + 2 AP

Dr.GoraParasit – Baseball Hat

From Pipedreaming series.

Price – 110 eur
Size – A2
Print run – 5 + 2 AP

Arnis Aleinikovas – PULSE 

It is an interdisciplinary performative film made in Prague in 2021. The original idea was to create a movement-based performance in a physical space, but due to the global pandemic of COVID-19, the performance has been moved to digital space and presented as a cinematic, sensorial experience. PULSE is a contemporary theatre production that combines the fields of performance, visual art and post-internet art principles. The creative team consists of artists from Lithuania, Latvia, Finland, Taiwan, Lebanon, Spain, Mexico, Germany, Czech Republic and Japan.

The starting point of the show is sexual abuse between men and women, but in the development of this show we have focused more on the importance of healing, touch, trust and care. The dramaturgy of the performative film consists of texts by Alexander Lowen, Henry Grayson, Bessel van der Kolk, Robert Ilwin, which are interwoven with people’s documentary stories, videos of people in their homes and digital avatars.

Price – 50 eur
Size – A3
Print run –  5 + 2 AP

Creative team:

Idea, direction – Arnis Aleinikovas (Lithuania)
Playwright – Daniel Albert Victoria (Mexico)
Somatic Movement Advisor – Viktorija Ambrazaitė (Lithuania)
Supervisor – Viktor Černický (Czech Republic)
Performers – Eglė Šimėnaitė (Lithuania), Mara Ingea (Lebanon), Yu En Ping (Taiwan), Lara Hereu (Spain), Sai Sai (Japan)
Performing – Gytis Jurgevičius (Lithuania), Kathrin Frech (Germany), Malin Denkena (Germany), Seline Seidler (Germany), Joshi Timmer (Germany), Paula R. Erb (Germany)
Composer – Valtteri Alanen (Finland)
Set and costume designer – Mara Ingea (Lebanon)
Video artist – Ilva Ieva (Latvia)
Director of Photography – Timotej Rajniš (Czech Republic), Arnis Aleinikovas (Lithuania)
Editing – Timotej Rajniš (Czech Republic), Arnis Aleinikovas (Lithuania)
Sound installation “Human Sound” by Egle Šimėnaitė (Lithuania)
Psychological consultant – Evelina Stepšytė (Lithuania)
Producers – Martina Watzková (Czech Republic), Vanda Hejnová (Czech Republic), Anna Němcová (Czech Republic)
Translator – Hana Tobiášová (Czech Republic)
Photos – Klára Hejnová (Czech Republic), Josef Vesely (Czech Republic)


Vilma Šileikienė – By nature

The mystery of nature and the silent threat of unresponsive human action.

Price – 50 eur
Size – A3
Print run –  5 + 2 AP



Julija Pociūtė – Video artwork:  Caressing Hands, 2021 

The video Caressing Hands was inspired by Richard Berengarten poem Tree. This poem is a sensitive and strong art piece containing 365 lines about tree as the person, friend, relative, your mother or child. I’m interested in the various ways of experienced and inexperienced connection with nature and inner self. The way of connecting with nature and feeling the layers of human and non human realities. Intuitively walking in the forest I came to the place where there was a tree stump. This place becomes like a small microcosmos to explore and research the place and experience the liveliness of the tree stump. In this process there was an insight of my body reaction when I’m touching my skin and the tree bark. It’s related to my research: a relationship between nature – and human nature. “Humanity’s relationship to the natural world has been a topic of scholarship since ancient times, yet with growing recognition of environmental crises over the past decades, society’s disconnection from nature has been proposed as a root cause of unsustainability (e.g., Pyle 1993; Folke et al. 2011; Dorninger et al. 2017).” 

Size – A2
Print run – 5 + 2 AP
Price – 70 eur.


Mindaugas Gapševičius and Maria Safronova Wahlström. You and I, You and Me  2021.
Photo: Bon Alog

The project You and I, You and Me explores the possibilities of communication through electricity. The project proposes that electricity could help to reveal the imperceptible connections between different actors within the environment. How far could electricity help in understanding the other? Is there a possibility to alter human senses by electric impulses?

Size – A2
Print run – 5 + 2 AP
Price – 70 eur.

In collaboration with Helga Mogensen (jewelry), Leon Crayfish (shoe design)


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