“Paraobjects” an exhibition by Simonas Nekrošius


Paraobjects: an exhibition by Simonas Nekrošius

“para… [in Greek: para — close to, near, from] is a first part of compound words that refers to being close to something, deviation from something, some sort of derangement.”

Paraobjects are expressions of imagination and interpretation, put in to form as individual and associative beings by the artist. They are shaping a narrative, that balances between normality and nonsense, reality and absurdity.

“Nonsense” is often understood as a borderline of perception, allowing people to reject everything that fall behind it. Here the artist interprets it as an opportunity to examine situations and objects, giving ground to irrational, sensorial discoveries.
In this exhibition, everyday objects follow a path that is not fictional, but dictated by circumstances. Instead of being rejected, they are recycled to produce new meanings and are transformed by the artist’s point of view.

Simonas Nekrošius is a sound artist and an experimentalist. He is a member of the Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association since 2016. Nekrošius is active in the fields of contemporary art, experimental music and sound art. He focuses on creation and construction of sound objects and sculptures, also using them in live performances. His works are often defined by a distinctive style and unconventional ways of producing sound, which often relate to the concepts of DIY and Ready-made and dwell on processuality, intuition, experiments and improvisation. Since 2015 Simonas is one of the founders and operators of an independent diy art project space Studium P.

Opening concert:
July 1, 8 pm
Mėta Gabrielė Pelegrimaitė (flute)
Simonas Nekrošius (diy instruments)
The exhibition will be open to the public from 2 pm on July 1 until July 17.
Gallery MORKA, Pylimo st. 21B. Vilnius.The exhibition is partly funded by Lithuanian Council for Culture.
Poster photo by Ieva Tarejeva