Verpėjos in Vilnius


The initiative VERPĖJOS (The Spinners’) invites to the event “Verpėjos in Vilnius”, which will take place this Friday, 17 May, at the space “77 Days” (Jakšto str. 9).

The event is designed to get to know and support VERPĖJOS (The Spinners’) Art Organization from the village of Kabeliai in Dzūkija.

12-3 p.m. Lunch of the day (prepared by Neringa, Živile, Ugnė)
12-8 p.m. The Verpėjos Market with a special presentation of posters created by Verpėjos artists
15-17 Weaving workshop with Marijonas Verbel (registration required*)
9 p.m. Gediminas Stepanavičius and double bass
10 p.m. Presentation of Andrej Polukord’s film from the Verpėjos residency

We present the posters designed by artists (Aistė Ambrazevičiūtė, Cecilia Charlton, Inga Navickaitė Drąsutė, Gabrielė Gudaitytė and Kornelija Žalpytė) designed to support the Spinners’ Art Organization, which were printed by the “Hands on Press” printing house. Posters can be purchased during the event.

WORKSHOP with Marijonas Verbel
Marijonas Verbel is a textile artist who works in weaving, and is coming to the Verpėjos art residency in October. They is fascinated by processes, play, synesthesia and unexpected ways of putting things together. Marijonas is constantly trying to turn their observations into fun and playful works. Artistic practice relies on the relationship between time and work, as well as playing on the fine line between craft and art. In their work, they aim to reuse discarded materials, from hair to car parts, emphasizing the history of the creative process.
Weaving workshop using cardboard as a base. During the workshop, it will be presented how you can weave at home – using cardboard. Participants will be taught the basics of weaving. Everyone who comes will have the direction in which they want to move: there will be an opportunity to weave coasters for cups, tabs, or use various materials for weaving experiments. Participants are welcome to bring their own thread and blunt needles.

*Registration for the workshop –

Gediminas will play an improvised double bass solo, which will reveal intertwining, arabesque-like chords, sound textures imitating overshot weaving, and soft low-frequency melodies characteristic of the double bass.
Gediminas Stepanavičius is an active participant in Lithuanian improvisational, contemporary, jazz, folk and other music genres, multi-instrumentalist music creator, performer and teacher, studied at LMTA and Amsterdam Conservatory.

Andrej Polukord (b. 1990 in Vilnius, Lithuania) works in Vilnius. He works in painting, installation, performance, photography and video art. Using humor, physical adventure and storytelling, his work explores the themes of everyday life, ecology, and the relationship between man and nature. Polukord creates unstable environments and absurd situations that cause unpredictable consequences, double meanings and ambiguities.
Andrej will present his film, which is about a man who settled on a rural farm, where he tried to manage the farm situation and train the sheep.

Who: Verpėjos – an independent art initiative / Shepherds’ residency in the village of Kabeliai / art gallery at Marcinkonys train station
Where: 77 days, Jakšto st. 9, Vienuolio street inner courtyard – the nearest from flower stall When: Friday, May 17