Arturas Bumšteinas: Lyrica


Pregabalin, Acetylsalicylate, Zolpidem tartras, Doxycyclinum, Escitalopramum, Alprazolam, Diosmectitum, Dextromethorphani hydrobromidum etc…

Sound artist Arturas Bumšteinas invites you to come and audibly record the contents of your medicine cabinet at the project space Sodų 4.

On November 12 – 19, Sodų 4 will become a temporary recording studio where visitors will be able to sing (whisper, scream, shout or mutter) the latin names of their used (or simply chosen) pharmaceuticals out loud in a preferred manner. The sound recordings will be collected throughout the whole week and, after, will be put together into a polyphonic choral piece. All of the participants will be listed as its performers by their names.

Visitors of the gallery will be able to listen to the constantly growing “Lyrica” voice records archive.

Those who’d like to take part please contact the project’s author: or +37068919228

The event is organised by Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association in collaboration with Lithuanian Composers’ Union.
Sponsor: Lithuanian Council for Culture.

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