“CONFETTI LOGIC” exhibition by Akvilė Magicdust and Antanas Dubra in project space “Sodų 4“


On Saturday 15 October 2016 project space “Sodų 4” opens the exhibition “CONFETTI LOGIC” by Akvilė Magicdust and Antanas Dubra (Stryts).

Akvilė Magicdust is a graphic artist and illustrator. She subtly combines creative writing with drawing, creates posters and comics for adults. Applying painting and graphic means of expression, the artist, develops own neo-fauvistic, associative and intuitive style. She likes converting emotions into colors of particularly wide spectrum, ranging from salty shores to Japanese lollipop.

Antanas Dubra (Stryts) creates illustrations, animations, video and painting works, as well as objects of plasticity. He is also a theatre and cinema scenic artist, street artist and author of poster for various cultural events. The language employed by the artist is one that sits between high-brow or classic culture and popular forms of art. It is characterized by a sense of humor where intellectual commentary is coupled with irony and a specific poetical naivety.

Exhibition curator Aušra Trakšelytė

Exhibition opening – Saturday 15 October 2016, 6 PM. During the opening rap will be taken care of by DJ Maria.
Exhibition open until 23rd, Tue-Sun 4-8 PM.

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