Kęstutis Lupeikis: Painting Exhibition „COME TOGETHER“


We are cordially inviting You to Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association’s member’s Kęstutis Lupeikis personal exhibition at Artists’ Association Gallery (Vokiečių g. 3, Vilnius) on 2015 10 30 – 11 13.
Opening: 2015 10 30 6 pm.

Exhibition is composed of oil paintings inspired by well-known rock and roll songs, such as The Beatles “COME TOGETHER”, Nazareth “WHISKY DRINKING WOMAN”, Ozzy Osbourne “DREAMER”, Soundgarden “BLACK HOLE SUN”, etc.

In order to, at least partially, convey the mood that surrounds the author while painting, exhibition’s sound background is made up of songs that inspired creation of paintings and are continuously played at the workshop.

Paintings are not a direct illustration / imaging of the music. Musical work is a key that allows to glimpse the idea on canvas. The idea is usually ironic, conceptually provoking the viewer to perceive the painting virtually, indirectly, it allows creation of unique, personal vision or illusion.

Most of the works were created during 2013 – 2015. They are a continuation of K. Lupeikis’ creative platform being developed for three decades. Works have a characteristic free flowing paint, limited colouring, abstract archetypical configurations, as if flowing from author’s consciousness, having signs of deep symbolism. It is not aimed to make paintings look, particularly, beautiful nor disgusting. Connections with works of music conceptualize and contextualize the paintings. Conceptualism is in the content, and not in extreme means of expression (there is no elephant excrement nor blood or something similar).

Title chosen for the exhibition “COME TOGETHER / EIME KARTU” is the title of one of the works and reflects desire to close one self in “glass tower”, but to communicate.

“…painting – as if language…, …and that smell…, …and that flow, …and I want to paint because it’s fun, it drives, even though it might not be in trend but I know a lot of people who love it…, …and even if some predict the doom of painting – it still keeps on existing and existing…“


Born in Vilnius (Lithuania) in 1962. First degree in Architecture, Vilnius Civil Engineering Institute (VISI, now VGTU), 1985. Graduate of the Doctoral study in Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (VGTU), 2003. Doctor of the Humanities, since 2004. Professor in Department of Architecture, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (VGTU), since 2011.

Teaching: architectural design, architectural composition, since 1995. Project director and owner of the architectural design company “KLAP”, since 1991.

Membership: member of the LAS, LDS and LTMKS (Lithuanian Union of Architects, Lithuanian Union of Artists and
Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association, since 1994, 1992, 2000), member of the artist group “Angis” (“Snake”), since 1993.

Exhibitions: 12 personal, 51 group exhibitions.

Grants: high level Lithuanian state grant for art, 1999-2000; high level Lithuanian state grant for architecture, 2000-2001.

Collections: Lithuanian Art Museum, Vilnius, Willhelm Lehmbruck Museum, Duisburg, Germany, private collections in Lithuania, Germany, Denmark, Hong Kong, Dallas, New York.

Lives and works in Vilnius (e-mail: klapklap@gmail.com).

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