The presentation of “Bad dream” BY Inga Galinytė, WINNER OF LIAA 2022 PRIZE


On 29 April, from 3 pm to 8 pm a presentation of the performative installation “Bad Dream” by artist Inga Galinytė will take place at the 3rd floor of the cultural centre SODAS 2123. The presentation will take place during the OPEN SODAS event.

The performative installation Bad Dream reflects on the events of today’s brutal war in Ukraine and rethinks the traces of collective and personal traumatic experiences as well as the possible new mediums of co-existence. It is an ongoing, lingering, chronic process trying to transform into a slow, conscious, accepting presence in the present.

“The body rotates in microscopic movements, phrases are embroidered with white thread on white women’s overalls, strawberry seeds are removed one by one with the tip of a needle – allergens to life and to the feeling of abandonment. Nearby, dried apple seeds are being pressed with finger pads and a tower is being built out of la vie en rose. And other actions, there, nearby, are enveloped by a sound articulated as if under water. It lasts for hours, like an eternity.”

Inga Galinytė has been exploring the links between traumatic experiences, empathy and imagination in her creative practice for some time now, and has been searching for performative forms to talk about them. The performative installation “Bad Dream” will be presented during the OPEN SODAS event on 29 April. The first version of the installation was presented during the MAS week of artistic actions in Vilnius, organised by the independent contemporary dance organisation “Be Kompanijos”. The second version of the installation was presented at the Baltic Art Festival Volume Up, New York, organised by Estonian performance group Non Grata.

The soundtrack of the installation was sketched in collaboration with artist and composer Anna Papathanassiou.

In 2022, for the third year in a row, LIAA organised a competition for the production of new work for LIAA members, the winner of which was Inga Galinytė with the piece “Bad Dream”.
The LIAA Prize is an important contribution to members’ creative practices, helping them to realise their ongoing projects, exhibitions, works in progress, or encouraging the initiative of new works and exhibitions. The winners of the LIAA Prize were selected by the Council of the association.

Organised by the Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association.
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