MY MOM IS A WOLF, MY DAD… media performance in project space Malonioji 6, Vilnius



A media performance on our inner and outer animals

Created and performed by: Camilla Graff Junior (DK)
Media collaborator: Paolo Podrescu / XLT (US)
Lighting design and technical consultant: Tobias Stål (SE)

“My mom is a wolf, my dad…” is a talk about healing processes. What do our inner animals tell us? How can we enter into a dialogue with them? Camilla Graff Junior, aka former punk-rock musician Mona Motel, shares her experience based on autobiographical material, photos, video clips, a collection of plastic animals and family stories.

The story starts where Mona’s grandmother’s before so loving cat Frida all of a sudden changes radically. The family tries to avoid the scratching and biting by completely ignoring Frida. But Mona’s grandmother is luckily not afraid to engage with the darker side of Frida …
An English woman throws a kitten into the bin.
What kind of story does the audience want to hear? The one about a kitten who is brought back to its owner, or the one of a kitten who slowly is yielding to the weight of the trash bags?
When Mona has to abandon his Berlin punk rock band and falls into a dark hole, her grandmother is no longer there to help…

Camilla Graff Junior is a performance artist and curator. She holds a double Master’s degree in performance studies from the Sorbonne Nouvelle University and the University of Copenhagen. She studied acting and contemporary dance at schools in Bergen and Paris, and directing at Queens College and at Robert Wilson Watermill Center in New York. She since 2007 lives and works in Berlin.

Since her teens she has conceived own performance, dance and theater works. In 2002 she founded Giraff Graff, an independent performing art company doing site-specific pieces and crossover collaborations in the field of contemporary theater and performance. The company has under her artistic direction developed and presented over twenty projects in Denmark, France, Germany, Island, Norway, Estonia, Italy, Columbia and Tunisia.

The project is supported by: the Danish Arts Council, Copenhagen Performing Arts Committee, Nordic Culture Point and Fonden Harmonien.
Co-production: Giraff Graff, XLterrestrials (US), Gaia Museum Outsider Art (DK) and Warehouse 9 (DK)
Residencies: Month of Performance Art – Berlin, Ponderosa Dance, Stolzenhagen (DE), Studenterhytta in Nordmarka, Oslo (NO), Ptarmigan, Tallinn (EE) and MoKS, Mooste (EE)

More information
The event is organised by Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Assotiation with support of Lithuanian Council of Culture.

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