We invite you to take part in Conversations about Counter-narratives, a workshop in which we conceptualise and reimagine other narratives to resist anti-LGBTIQ speech.

The workshop will be set up in three parts that will allow to reflect on the topic and use that to craft and create. During the first part you will discuss and reflect on different words found in anti-LGBT discourse, during the second part you will read texts prepared by Gabija Bubnytė on the current hostile environment for the LGBTIQ+ community in Lithuania and during the third part we collectively create a collage that will represent our reimagined narratives that would resist anti-LGBTIQ discourses.

The workshop’s different parts of reflecting, learning and creating will allow us to collectively imagine other narratives beyond the harmful anti-LGBTIQ discourse.

The workshop is rooted in research analysing homophobic discourse in Lithuanian online spaces, conducted by Gabija using critical discourse analysis. The results shed light on how this discourse is formed through certain themes, such as nationalism, westernisation, (in)visibility and propaganda. Yet once we understand how homophobic narratives are constructed, it is imperative to find ways how to mitigate it. Conversations about Counter-narratives works as a space enabling different people to get acquainted with anti-LGBT narratives in a closed environment, and then think of counter-narratives, reclaiming the rhetoric and reimagining it as empowering.

The outcomes of the workshops are collected in an online database, and are presented as tools and methods in occupying public space. This allows the outcomes to live beyond the enclosed space of the workshop, and potentially exist in public spaces.

Gabija Bubnytė is a transdisciplinary designer and researcher. She entangles politics and graphic design in her work to question the boundaries between theoretical, visual and embodied knowledges. Her workshop Conversations about Counter-narratives has been awarded the Threshold Award 2021 by the municipality of Rotterdam.

Event will take place in English.

Time of the event: 18th of August, 18.00.

Venue: Sodas 2123 Alt Lab (Vitebsko str. 23, 2nd floor)

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Sponsors: Lithuanian Council for Culture.

Organised by: Institutio media in collaboration with Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association