Program of Vilnius Gallery Weekend


9-10th of September

Contemporary art comes back from vacation!

First Vilnius Gallery Weekend after the summer opens the doors of galleries and art spaces for Vilnius residents and guests.


Gallery Weekends in cities around Europe and the world have been happening already for more than few decades, marking the first exhibitions in the galleries after the summer months and opens a new art season in the city. In this format, Lithuania experiences it for the first time. Galleries with new exhibitions open at the same time, inviting city residents to form temporary communities for experiencing not only exhibitions, but also meeting artists and getting to know the city better. Galleries are places which mark the respiration and blood flow of the city, emerging earlier than specific districts, neighbourhoods or quarters gaining the attention of city residents. Or vice versa they mark the historic development of some districts or buildings. They embody metabolism of new ideas and social connections, especially when the exhibition openings gather city residents and guests from different backgrounds, not only to look at art, but also exchange news and impressions.

Initiator of the gallery weekend: Vytautas Michelkevičius


9th of September

10:00 –20:00 – Visiting of Kaspars Podnieks exhibition „Paddlock“, (AV17) gallery (Aušros vartų 17)
12:00 –20:00 – Visiting exhibitions at galleries „Artifex“ (Gaono 1), „Vartai“ (Vilniaus 39), „Akademija“ (Pilies 44), Jonas Mekas Visual Arts Center (Malūnų 8), exhibition halls „Titanikas“ (Maironio 3), Vilnius Photography Gallery (Stiklių 4/Didžioji 19)
15:00 –18:00 – Open Artists’ „Įvairūs partneriai“ Studios (Sodų 6)
17:00 – Exhibition opening „Shadows“, Šv. Jono gatvės gallery (Šv. Jono 11)
19:00 – Exhibition opening-performance „Show Me My Yesterday“, Studium P (Pylimo 20-24); Exhibition opening „Anachronikos“ , Contemporary Art Center (Vokiečių 2)
20:00 – Exhibition opening „The Body of the Letter“, Sodų 4 (Sodų 4)
21:00 – Beginning of exposition of 24/7/9 Monitors of Interdisciplinary project ARCHMEDIALĖ, gallery „Nulinis laipsnis“ (Šv. Stepono 14)

10th of September

12:00 – Free tour around gallery „Vartai“ exhibitions (Vilniaus 39)
12:00 – 16:00 – Visiting exhibitions at Jonas Mekas Visual Arts Center (Malūnų 8) and Šv. Jono gatvės gallery (Šv. Jono 11)
12:00 – 17:00 – Visiting exhibitions at galleries „Artifex“ (Gaono 1), (AV17) (Aušros vartų 17), Vilnius Photography Gallery (Stiklių 4/Didžioji 19), exhibition halls „Titanikas“ (Maironio 3).
12:00 – 18:00 – Visiting exhibitions at gallery „Akademija“ (Pilies 44),
13:00 – Discussion „Gallery Weekends in Lithuania: Challenges of Forming Traditions and Development Directions“, Coffice (Sodų 3A)
14:00 – 16:00 – Open LIAA (and Other) Artists’ Studios (Pramonės 141)
15:00 – Free tour around gallery „Vartai“ exhibitions (Vilniaus 39)
15:00 – 18:00 – Open Artists’ „Įvairūs partneriai“ Studios (Sodų 6)
16:00 – Creative workshop for children „Mould Your Own Urlaganas“, gallery „Trivium“ (Vilkpėdės 7-105)
18:00 – Interactive game „The Life of Urlaganas“, gallery „Trivium“ ( Vilkpėdės 7-105)
22:00 – Closing of Vilnius Gallery Weekend: Vygintas Orlovas, „ref/inter“, Yucatan (Pylimo 2/ Islandijos 6)

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Artists‘ Studios „Various Partners“ (Sodų 6)
Studios are open 9-10th of September, 3-6 pm

It is an artist studio space where contemporary, future and past participants of „Įvairūs partneriai“ will presents their works:
Milda Dainovskytė – „Floating mat“ sound installation; Eglė Ruibytė Installation – „4.18 m2“; Algirdas Jakas – „Curator and Artist“; Works by Saulius Leonavičius, Jurgis Bernatonis, Vida Strasevičiūtė

More about “Various partners”

Sculpture, prints, objects, sound installation

Šv. Jono gatvės galerija (Šv. Jono 11)
Opening 09.09 5 pm

In this project shadows are being researched as borderline phenomenon of social and inner feeling. Those situations, when experiences while faintly seen from the outside internally are like a turning point in a journey. Main explorations in the artworks were influenced by social phenomenons, found objects and inner feeling of the world, which artists are fix on, recreate and interpret. The Shadow plays not the least important role.

Artists: Artūras Rožkovas, skulptorius Juozas Budzinauskas, Artūras Makštutis, Marius Skudžinskas, Vadimas Korotajevas.
Curator of the exhibition – Marius Skudžinskas.

More about exhibition

Contemporary Art Center (Vokiečių 2)
Opening 09.09 7pm

Curators: Ūla Tornau and Asta Vaičiulytė
Artists: Chiara Camoni, Filip Cenek, Koenraad Dedobbeleer, KIWA, Mercedes Mühleisen

On the opening night artist Koenraad Dedobbeleer will give the lecture-performance “Language Is Not Anywhere Near the Origin of Consciousness”.

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Show Me My Yesterday
Studium P (Pylimo g. 20-24)
Opening 09.09 7 pm

Memory transmitted through creative work, material expression shows only empty opportunity, which basically is just a possible medium for the mind/area of memory. In the boundaries of (indefinite) volume/context it is possible to fill it individually by endless amount of interpretations. Memory is not unique, memory is just a reference.

More about Studium P

The Body of the Letter
Sodų 4 (Sodų st. 4)
Opening 09.09 8pm.

This exhibition is supposed to function as a whispering backstage of correspondence or the body of yet another (meta)letter. We are curious how artists, their topics, curators, the gallery, the audience, and different times and spaces engage in correspondence with each other.

Curators: Jogintė Bučinskaitė and Jurij Dobriakov
Artists: Andrew Gryf Paterson, Arnas Anskaitis, Aurelija Maknytė, Francisco Janes, Geistė Kinčinaitytė, Vitalijus Strigunkovas, Žygimantas Augustinas

More about exhibition

Exposition of 24/7/9 Monitors of Interdisciplinary project ARCHMEDIALĖ
Nulinis laipsnis (Šv. Stepono 14)
Beginning: 09.09 9 pm

It’s a project of connections between architecture and media art, during which entire 24 hours a day arch+media audio and video works will be shown in the windows of the gallery for nine days, starting 09.09.

Program: STRATIC space – movie by Das Vegas; Disappearing myth – movie by architect Tomas Grunskis, PARAmetras project movie, G.Kuginis project-book “Architecture without architecture” movie and other works.

More about “Nulinis laipsnis” gallery

Julijonas Urbonas

Gallery „Vartai” (Vilniaus 39)
Free tours on 09.10 at 12 am and 15 pm

Cumspin, a model of gravitational design made for the Contemporary Culture Centre of Barcelona for the first time presented in Lithuania. Cumspin (2015) is an orgasm enhancing funfair machine. Based on the principle of a centrifuge, it exposes the love riders to variable gravitational forces. Not only does such an extreme sex environment introduce new love positions but also pushes the peaks of pleasure to new dimensions.

More on exhibition

Krišs Salmanis (LV)
Poems and things

Gallery „Vartai” (Vilniaus 39)
Free tours on 09.10 at 12 am and 15 pm

In exhibition artist will present a selection of newly and recently created objects, installations and videos that comprise of a diverse and playful exposition of irony and paradox. In this show two approaches come together – the visually romantic, rustic, sentimental, and the visually reduced. However, they do not clash, since both are about trying to cope, about finding scraps of sense in often minute fragments of contemporaneity.

More about exhibition

Gallery Weekends in Lithuania: Challenges of Forming Traditions and Development Directions
Discussion in Lithuanian language

Coffice (Sodų 3A)
09.10 1 pm

The idea to organise Gallery Weekends, which already have deep traditions in Europe, in Lithuanian cities spread in a lightning speed. Is it an attempt to cooperate and survive in art field or strategy to attract general public to art spaces? What is needed for this idea to survive and prosper in Lithuania?

Participants: organisers of Vilnius and Kaunas Gallery Weekends, Klaipėda Gallery Days: Andrius Pukis, Rasa Kavaliauskaitė, Skaistė Marčienė, Vytautas Michelkevičius, Lina Pranaitytė, Vaida Stepanovaitė

LIAA [and Other] Artists’ Studios
Pramonės 141
Studios are open on 09.10 2-4 pm

During open studios you can see recent works and works in progress by: E. Ridikaitė, E. Ulčinskaitė, R. Nemeikšis, K. Kurilionok, A. Kirvelytė, K. Grigaliūnas, V. Vasiliūnas and L. Liandzbergis and talk to artists.

One can reach the place of event by car or by bus 31, direction Stotis–Pavilnys–Naujoji Vilnia. Get off at the last bus stop Naujoji Vilnia.

Raptor Contemporary
The Life of Urlaganas

Gallery „Trivium“ (Vilkpėdės g. 7-105)
09. 10 16 val. – Creative workshop for children „Mould your Own Urlaganas“
09.10 18 val. – Interactive game „The Life of Urlaganas“

This project can be seen as social-antropological research and an educational game, introducing processes which happened in Lithuania during time of revolution; interactive novel, where each can be both a creator and participant as creators of this project see it not only as creation of contemporary art, but also as a literary work oversteping it’s wordiness.

Raptor Contemporary wit poet Giedrė Kazlauskaitė, artist Julijus Balčikonis, translator Vytautas Dekšnys, Dalia Survilaitė and literary scholar N. Butnoriūtė.

More about “Trivium” gallery

Jonas Mekas Video Diaries Exhibition „365 Days“
Jonas Mekas Visual Arts Center (Malūnų 8)

Twelve obelisks (according to months) with small screens are shown in the exhibition, where in each screen diary of one month is presented. The entire video diary consists of 365 short videos.

Curator: Kęstutis Šapoka

More about Jonas Mekas Visual Arts Center

Exhibition hall „Titanikas“ (Maironio 3, 2nd floor)

It is a look of contemporary female artists into war as political, social, humanitarian catastrophe, while focusing on the personal, performative dimension. Different manifestations and images of war, gender roles and their deformations during the war are being analyzed. The exhibition searches for alternative ways to solve conflicts, questions categories of heroism, selflessness, defeat.

Artists: Jurga Barilaitė, Kristina Inčiūraitė, Aurelija Maknytė, Eglė Ridikaitė, Laisvydė Šalčiūtė, Laura Zala, Neringa Rekašiūtė, Sigita Maslauskaitė ir kt.
Curator: Laima Kreivytė

More about exhibiton

Mikko Waltari Plays
Gallery „Akademija“ (Pilies 44)

M. Waltari project consists of four large-format photographs, which he created with the help of professional actors and amateurs. Each of them took several weeks to be created. Yet, the arranged setting is mixed with coincidences, that are consciously accepted and used.The fifth tableaux-size work which doesn’t belong to the diploma-series, but shown in the exhibition, is the opposite – a moment captured on the fly during a holiday trip to Sicily. Nevertheless, the reality of the image doesn’t seem to differ from the four plays.

More about exhibition

2 Easy Fashion
I am a Rose Painter and He Likes Roses. That is Why We Get Along.

Gallery „Akademija“ (Pilies 44)

2 Easy Fashion is a unit of two persons, who like easiness. It is almost a medical advice: most important is not to stretch yourself. Easy creative work does not solve transcendental questions or complex problems, but by existing can cause these questions. Let’s admit to ourselves, there is nothing harder than relaxation. It needs yoga, medicine and breathing exercises. For many of You relaxation is a huge issue which can be solved only by throwing pencils into a sheet of paper.

More about exhibition

Monika Drożyńska (PL)

Gallery „Artifex“ (Gaono 1)

This exhibition looks into the question of how the national identities are being created. As a point of departure the artist interrogates Polish society from the minority’s and enemy’s point of view, those who threaten the unity of the nation. The exhibition attempts to unravel how multi-layered, rich and fluctuating the phenomenon of the national identity is.

More about exhibition

Kaspars Podnieks (LV)

(AV17) gallery (Aušros vartų 17)

This exhibition will present an exposition of various media (photography, video and installation), where uninterrupted narrative will make everyone listen into their cultural experience and rethink surrounding commonness structures. Works will talk about overall processes and their cyclicality, about perpetually renewing, moving and changing liaisons, which in nature works as precisely as mechanics of the clock, but in a social environment jam and fail to break human created „paddocks“.

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Justina Christauskaitė
Grandchildren, Clothes, Grandparents – Stories About Generations, Fashion and History

Vilnius Photography Gallery
(Stiklių 4, easier accessible entrance from Didžiosios 19)

This sensitive project can be understood as a narrative on generational continuity, a panorama of social layers and street fashion. These photographs are an opportunity to contemplate the importance of the clothing items, change of fashion, or just to be surprised by unexpected combination.

More about exhibition

Vilnius Gallery Weekend Closing Party
Vygintas Orlovas
Audiovisual performance „ref/inter“

Yucatan (Pylimo 2/ Islandijos 6 )
09.10 10 pm

Vygintas Orlovas (ref/inter) will make an audiovisual performance: field recordings, various type of sounds will become images projected on a screen. These and similar media transformations performer researches in his PhD in Vilnius Art Academy.

More about performance

Info point: Sodų 4 (Sodų st. 4)

Organizer: Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association (

Coordinator: Rasa Kavaliauskaitė,

The project is partially supported by Lithuanian Culture Council and Culture Ministry of Republic of Lithuania, Vilnius City Municipality.

Sponsors: JCDecaux, Coffice, bar „Dėvėti“, restaurant „Yucatan“.

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