Contemporary artists and designers are invited to take part in the National Architecture Awards Prize Idea Competition


The Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association, in cooperation with the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania, is inviting contemporary artists and designers to take part in the National Architecture Awards Prize Idea Competition*.

In order to go beyond the traditional format of an award statuette, contemporary art and design creators are invited to experiment and rethink the phenomenon and object of the ‘award statuette’. The NAA is the perfect opportunity to do so. The object of the NAA Prize (the statuette) must combine the continuity of architectural traditions with the uncertain future possibilities of our environment. The proposed form of the object starts with the cube, one of the fundamental geometric shapes, which can be transformed in a bold and unrestricted way to reflect the new limits of architectural perception and possibilities. The statuette should retain the recognisability of the initial form (the architectural tradition), but boldly interpret the changing role of architecture as the field increasingly merges with the other fields, as the specific nature of the architect’s practice disappears and as the focus becomes more and more on people and processes rather than on architectural forms and external beauty.

The first prize of the competition will be a cash prize of EUR 3,000, the second prize EUR 600 and the third prize EUR 400. The competition is open to all professional creators in the field of contemporary art and design. The applications will be judged on the originality, innovation and relevance of the proposed idea for the prize object, the fulfilment of the conditions of the NAA prize object as mentioned in the competition regulations, the reflection of the NAA’s vision and objectives, the applicant’s creative activity and professionalism, and the validity of the production estimate and the work plan. The completed application form and the necessary attachments should be sent by e-mail to by 8 March 2023, with “NAA Prize Object Idea Competition” in the subject line, and the model of the object should be delivered or sent to the headquarters of the Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association, Vitebsko 23, LT-11350, Vilnius. The acceptance of models will take place on 21, 28 February and 6, 7, 8 March 2023 from 9 am to 5 pm, or at other times to be agreed individually by e-mail

The results of the competition will be announced on 24 March 2023.

Application form (in Lithuanian only)

Guidelines (in Lithuanian only)


*Architecture Awards (NAA) will be launched for the first time on 1 July this year. The mission of the NAA is to promote the emergence of sustainable, innovative, high quality architecture, to develop the architectural intelligence in the society, to emphasize the sensitivity of the environment and to increase thei visibility of the awards abroad. For more information about the NAA, visit