Institutio Media together with Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association and Ideas Block presents an exhibition “HUMANS, NON HUMANS, WITH AND WITHOUT HUMANS”


“We must begin really to listen to the rest of life. As just one melody in the living opera we are repetitious and persistent. We may think ourselves creative and original but in those talents we are not alone. Admit it or not, we are only a single theme of the orchestrated life-form. With its glorious nonhuman past and its uncertain but provocative future, this life, our life, is embedded now as it always has been, in the rest of Earth’s sentient symphony.”

Lynn Margulis

We are in a period marked by dominance of human activity on Earth. Nature provides the basis for human development but increasing demand for resources is accelerating ecosystem decline. In order to change the direction of societal development, it is important to reflect on the processes and causes of the Anthropocene, and to find new ways of understanding, agreeing and making kin.

„Humans, non-humans, with and without humans“ is an exhibition about the interconnectedness throughout the structures of nature, the relationships humans build with each other, with non-human life forms and with the environment that surrounds.

During this exhibition that will take place in the new Ideas Block space – Kompresorinė – you are invited to make contact with different forms of life, to feel one another through sound and its creation by means of analogue electronics, to initiate and capture conversations on political and environmental issues. The opening weekend will also feature workshops that invite participants to explore the field of genetics and the intersection between biology and art.

Interactive artworks and other parts of the exhibition have been developed throughout the year during the series of workshops that took place in Alt Lab, an open, non-disciplinary laboratory located at culture complex SODAS 2123. During these workshops, representatives from the fields of biology, textiles, bio-art, genetics, engineering, political science, and design explored and created interpersonal and non-human events. Participants were invited to explore the impact of humans on nature and nature’s response in return, as well as to rethink ecological, social, and ethical issues in the relationship between humans and non-humans.

The exhibition consists of material representing the workshop series and works by Mindaugas Gapševičius, Jolanta Sendaitė-Paulauskienė, Lolita Tučinskaitė, Liucija Dervinytė, Jan Glöckner, Gabrielius Klemas and Gabija Bubnytė.

Workshop series consists of:

– You and I, You and Me with Mindaugas Gapševičius ir Maria Safronova Wahlström

– Networks of nature – embroidery session with Lucija Dervinytė

– Conversations on counter-narratives with Gabija Bubnytė

– Winogradsky Column – Making the Invisible World of Microorganisms Visible with Kira O’Reilly

– Kombucha Bacterial Cellulose Biomaterial Making and Application with Jolanta Sendaite-Paulauskiene

– Technodelic Meditation with Linas Baltabarzdis Tamošaitis

– Basics of Analogue Sound Synthesis and Experimentation with Gabrielius Klemas

– Non-Traditional Gung Fu Brewing as a Tool in Artistic Biotechnology with Jan Glöckner (will be held on the 29th of November at Lat lab)

– Microalgae-Microcosm with Lolita Tučinskaitė (will be held on the 2nd of December at the exhibition space – Kompresorinė)

– Extraction of DNA and chlorophyll from plant cells – seeing the invisible constituents of plants with Vincenta Mikulėnaitė and Kristina Zakutauskaitė (will be held on the 11th of December at the exhibition space – Kompresorinė)

The exhibition will take place in the new Ideas Block venue– Kompresorinė. Ideas Block is a non-profit organisation and collective providing a platform for creativity and development of ideas, culture and art. In December 2022, Ideas Block will open a new space, formerly the Compressor room (Kompresorinė) of the Physics Institute. The aim of the space is dedicated to a wide range of cultural expressions, from art exhibitions and residencies, to music, interdisciplinary work, education, talks, workshops, films, publications and handmade objects.

Address: A. Goštauto g. 11, entrance from the backyard.

Exhibition Opening Event: 2nd of December, 7pm

9.30pm: music selection by ohnobot (inspired by 00s, vaporwave)


Exhibition dates: 2022 12 02 – 2023 01 01

Visiting times: every weekend, 11am – 7pm (except Christmas Weekend).

Supported by Lithuanian Council for Culture

Organizers – Institutio Media together with Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association and Ideas Block

Project coordinator – Kristina Zakutauskaitė

Curator – Liucija Dervinytė

More info about the event:

FB: ideasblockLT