Cultural centre SODAS 2123 became associate member of the international network of cultural centres Trans Europe Halles


22-25 September 2022, the cultural centre SODAS 2123 team was participating in the conference-camp of the Trans Europe Halles (TEH) network of cultural centres. The event took place in Fengersfors, Sweden, at Not Quite space and was called Do It Together. After this meeting SODAS 2123 became part of the big TEH family under associate member status.

The meeting in Fengersfors focused on how cultural centres could help regenerate regions and how to strengthen their communities, how they could become centres of innovation, and, more generally, how cultural centres across Europe are responding to crisis situations (such as the energy crisis, integration of refugees, etc.). Self-sustainability (in terms of finances, energy and resources), resilience, social inclusion, restoration of contaminated sites were discussed from different angles during this meeting. For more information on the meeting and the topics touched upon as well as its detailed programme please follow the link:

Trans Europe Halles is one of the oldest and most dynamic cultural networks in Europe. Since 1983, it has been active in areas such as repurposing of abandoned buildings for art, culture and activism. The network is based in Sweden and has over 140 members from 40 different European countries – from Spain to Georgia. The three main pillars of the network are people, arts and buildings. The main activities of the network and the functions it defines through them are: 1) to connect all members and professionals in the cultural field; 2) to train members – training seminars and workshops are organised throughout the year for network members; TEH is interested in business innovation and the organisational development of its member centres; 3) representation – the network aims to strengthen the voice and role of the European cultural and creative sector in order to influence policy-making processes. TEH representatives establish strategic partnerships with the business, public administration and academic communities and participate in events with the potential to influence public policy, in cooperation with networks such as Onthemove, Res Artis, the European Music Council, NEMO, etc.

Not Quite is an organisation for artists of different art forms, based in an old paper mill in the village of Fengersfors with 500 inhabitants, far out in the Swedish forests, 200 kilometres north of Gothenburg, and southeast from Oslo. Not Quite has workshops, studios, exhibition spaces and stages in a context far away from the city. With around 70 members they are building a collective place to be in, to work in, to visit and to experience. During 20 years of its existence, Not Quite has been exploring and finding methods for sustainable working in rural areas, as a small organization, often with small funds and resources, but with a strong engaging community. Together they build for a resilient future, where the community will be able to continue to realize the Not Quite experiment

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