In cultural centre sodas 2123, Alt lab space hosts an event “networks of nature”


How can we describe culture that represents humans – as an opposition to nature, or perhaps as an integral part of it? How does our conception of the world affect the sustainable development of a society? You are invited to explore and discuss the relationship between nature and culture during a creative practice together with the visual artist Liucija Dervinyte.

This meeting is part of an ongoing embroidery project, in which participants are invited to join a collective creative process by stitching a mark in a shared story, on a large piece of fabric. It is an invitation for a collective meditation – to slow down and listen to yourself and thoughts of others, to share ideas and insights, to build and strengthen social connections.

The conversations that take place during this event will be based on the visual material presenting the structures that exist in nature and those that represent humans. We will discuss the interrelationships and connections between culture and nature, and among all of us in a natural network. The process of this meeting will be documented in audio and video recordings that later will become part of an art installation.

Everyone is invited to join, regardless of your experience in this or other artistic fields. The most important thing here is the desire to create together – to participate in a common process and conversation.

Liucija Dervinytė is an artist and organiser of cultural activities, co-founder of Ideas Block organisation and Arttice platform, currently studying Master’s program in Textile Art and Design at Vilnius Academy of Arts. In her artistic research, she examines the relationship between culture and nature, our interrelations, and how this affects the sustainable development of a society.

This time the meeting will be held in English. Therefore all the English speakers are welcome to join.

Time of the event: 7th of May, 15.00.

Link to Facebook event:

Venue: Sodas2123 Alt Lab (Vitebsko str. 23, 2nd floor)

Sponsors: Lithuanian Council for Culture.

Organised by: Institutio media in collaboration with Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association