In the exhibition of the artist E. Grėbliauskaitė – a look at the throat of society


“Throat is a halfway between the mind and the heart. Important body regulatory processes take place here. I am researching such mechanisms of regulation, repression, censorship in our society, communities and history”, says the artist Eglė Grėbliauskaitė, who invites you to the exhibition “Let me look at your throat”. From April 8 until the end of the month, the exhibition will be exhibited in the exhibition halls of the Vilnius Academy of Arts (VDA) “Titanic”.

Using a capacious throat metaphor, artist presents projects created during the last five years of doctoral studies in art. E. Grėbliauskaitė starts looking for old or new social and political ailments, peculiar reasons for public nausea. Artist’s works are usually exhibited in public spaces, intervening in the fabric of the city and involving its inhabitants, members of communities and bureaucratic systems.

One of the last projects that has resonated in society is the social everyday performance “LETS NOT FORGET NOT TO REMEMBER” initiated by E. Grėbliauskaitė together with her fellow artist Agnė Gintalaitė in Petras Cvirka Square in Vilnius. Covering the monument to P. Cvirka with artificial moss – a symbol of oblivion – artists were asked to stop the event in Vilnius, despite the permission previously granted to them. The documentation and objects of the initiative that took place in November last year also appear in E. Grėbliauskaitė’s latest exhibition.

Projects or promotions previously implemented by the artist are also presented. One of them is shining on the windows of the Belarusian and Russian embassies in Vilnius initiated by E. Grėbliauskaitė in the context of the protests in Belarus in 2020. The remnants of the Triumphal arch which stood next to the Parliament building in 2016, the poetry of Salomėja Nėris, which sounded in 2018 near the capital’s gymnasium named after the poet will also be displayed in the exhibition.

It is symbolic that E. Grėbliauskaitė’s exhibition is exhibited on the 1st floor of the exhibition halls of the Vilnius Academy of Arts “Titanic”. Here in 2016 The artist presented her project “C30 / 37-XC3-CI0, 2-D16-S3, a new good floor for the Titanic” – a specially cast new concrete floor that acts both as an independent work of the artist and as an important infrastructure for other exhibitions. In this exhibition by E. Grėbliauskaitė, works are displayed in a darkened space divided by a light grid, which architecture was created by Povilas Marozas, curated by Linas Bliškevičius. The exhibition “Let’s look at your throat” will run until April 30.

The exhibition halls of the Vilnius Academy of Arts “Titanic”

Opening 08/04/2022 6pm

Exhibition will be open 08/04/ – 30/04/2022