○ LIAA member Aušra Griškonytė Volungė
○ Justa Bo x Liustrai
○ Entity
○ Austėja Platūkytė and biomaterials library
○ Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association


○ Screening of LIAA member Emilia Škarnulytė film “Kapinynas”
A haunting psychedelic experience and an enigmatic audiovisual poem, the film has been described by film critics as a time travel from the Big Bang to a distant future in which only the remnants of atomic energy remain as evidence of our civilisation.
SODAS 2123 Main Hall

○ Screening of Justė Michailinaitė film “Bouna sera” + Q&A with the director
This is a film about a circus in southern Europe, founded 30 years ago by a family from Germany. The circus members still don’t have a mobile phone, don’t use the internet, respect nature, take only what they need, etc.). Film duration – 15 min.

SODAS 2123 Main Hall

○ Opening of the exhibition “From data points to spatial experiences”
This immersive exhibition invites you to explore the extraordinary possibilities of virtual storytelling in landscape architecture in the face of the challenges of climate change. The speculations on display delve into the complex interconnections between nature, humanity and technology, transporting us to the heart of Singapore’s railway corridor. The installations explore environmental phenomena such as water scarcity, heritage conservation and biodiversity, presenting them as spatial narratives. Pushing the boundaries of landscape and architectural design, the aim is to stimulate dialogue and inspire a new way of seeing the environment in a time of climate change and rapid urban growth.
Entity Space