Tomas Daukša: No Limit


The space is filled with moving, shining and sound producing artificial creatures. Looking separately, each creature may seem cute; it could resemble a toy, an animal from a children cartoon or a fairy tale book. However, all of the beasts move chaotically together and produce a heavily noise filled environment. When a spectator enters it, (s)he has to find the right way to move – or simply be – in the space. Meanwhile, it is difficult to hear or speak with others because of the hectic overwhelming sounds. Potential thoughts of animal-machine hybridisation may arise, that – together with considerations where to draw the line between the living and the lifeless, between a toy and something else – can be interrupted by an encounter with one of the creatures in the room. The viewer is now in a place where it is difficult to say whether it is a game or a nightmare.

Tomas Daukša (b. 1988, Palanga) in his creative work researches the qualities of various systems by provoking their transformations and, thus, revealing their working principles. He is currently an art Ph.D. student in Vilnius Academy of Arts since 2009 actively participating in exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad.

During the opening at 7 pm, happening will occur
Opening reception 2018/05/30, 7 pm
Exhibition open 2018/05/31–06/23
Wednesdays to Sunday 3–7 pm
or by appointment, tel. +37062728274

Organiser: Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association
The project is supported by Lithuanian Council for Culture

Project space ‘Sodų 4’
4 Sodų Str. Vilnius

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