Vygandas Šimbelis exhibition „Panorama Time”


Traveling the world with a broken camera is a challenge in itself. As a result, the nomad collects only corrupted images and fragmented memories and experiences. The question in the exhibition is how a broken camera and defective images affect your personal impressions and memories?

This exhibition is about travel and memory creation. Those who fragment themselves are forgotten. We are simply deleting some of the photos. The moment of deletion is also related to memory correction. And in this exhibition, the artist shows those metonymic memories and stories.

Vygandas Šimbelis, known as Das Vegas, studied at the Vilnius Academy of Arts, Department of Photography, Animation and Media Arts. He later studied media technology, interactive art and design at the Royal Institute of Technology (Stockholm, Sweden). Artist obtained a doctoral degree with the topic of the dissertation: “The Human Aspect of Technology in Post-Digital Art”. Working in the field of technology, he conducts research and artistic research in the fields of art, design and innovation at various universities and research centers. Working as a researcher and lecturer, he teaches students interactive design and art, contemporary art practice and art research, film production, and creative courses.

The artist has been participating in projects and exhibitions since 1996. The author creates media in the fields of art, art installations, films, photography and audiovisual performances. V. Šimbelis works have been exhibited at the European Biennial of Contemporary Art “Manifesta”, Istanbul, Tallinn, Brazil, Barcelona, ​​New York, Athens, Montreal, etc. art biennials and festivals; in solo and group exhibitions: in Lithuania, Sweden, Colombia, USA, Hong Kong, Malaysia, South Korea, UAE, France, etc. The artist is currently working in Lithuania and Sweden.