Participatory Event “You and I, You and Me”


Creative workshops and participatory events organized in non-disciplinary research laboratory and community space Alt lab, located in SODAS 2123 cultural centre, invites you to explore and rethink our relationships with one another, nature’s creative potential and ecological, social, ethical or philosophical issues related with that.

Participatory event “You and I, You and Me”, taking place on the 12th of March, 6 p.m., will invite to raise questions about the potential of electricity as a means of communication. Is it possible to change one’s senses with electrical impulses? How can electricity help communication and influence our relationship with the environment?

This event is the result of a three-day creative workshop “You and I, You and Me”. During the workshop, which will take place on March 10-12, Mindaugas Gapševičius and Maria Safronova Wahlström, together with the participants, will create headgear that uses electricity as a tool for non-verbal communication through newly generated sensations. The guests of the creative workshop, neuroscientists Ian Erik Stewart, Cristiàn Ruiz de la Era, Amelia Young and Felix Töpfer, will present their research in a virtual lecture on the 10thof March. Participants of the event will be able to try out the communication tools developed during the workshop and be observers of the development of non-verbal connections.

It will be possible to explore not only the origins of non-verbal communication, but also verbal – by listening to the sound installation “The System” created by the artist Roberto Becerra. This work will invite you to explore reality in the sounds of linguistic structures, to reflect on the meanings of sounds and the world of intangible structures they convey, emotions, or social patterns reflected in language.

Time: March 12, 6 p.m.

Venue: SODAS 2123 events hall (Aktų Salė, Vitebsko str. 23, Vilnius)

Sponsors: Lithuanian Council for Culture and Nordic Council of Ministers. The event is organized by the Institutio media in collaboration with Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association and the Bioart Society, a Helsinki-based association for the arts and sciences.


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Photo: Bon Alog