Three conversations about creative processes and walls


Why is it easier to paint on one wall and not on the other? What is an “exit room”? How can ceramics be related to screens? The artist’s studio is the place where the most unexpected questions often arise and the most interesting processes, invisible to many, take place: ideas are born, various transformations, mistakes, coincidences happen and slow technical work is performed.

Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association (LIAA) tried to break into these intimate environments and talk to three members of the association about their creative processes, mundane life and ideas. In a series of short 5-6 minute videos three artists – Simonas Nekrošius, Rokas Dovydėnas and Eglė Ridikaitė – talk about their creative practice, in which a studio (a specific physical space) plays a very important role.

Simonas Nekrošius is an interdisciplinary artist. He actively participates in the fields of contemporary art, experimental music and sound art, constructing sound objects, sculptures and enabling them in his aural performances. The principles of “DIY” and “ready-made” are common in Nekrošius’ work and form his unique creative style. He mainly focuses on processuality, intuition, experimentation and improvisation. Simonas is looking for unconventional forms of sound extraction, exploring and practising a mutual connection of artist and sound object. Since 2015, he is one of the founders and operators of an independent initiative, the DIY-art project space “Studium P”.


Dr Rokas Dovydėnas is an interdisciplinary artist living and working in Vilnius. Since 1994 he has been participating in exhibitions as an artist, since 1999 he has been curating exhibitions. He is currently working at the Vilnius Academy of Arts, he is also engaged in research of practices of copying and plagiarism in art.


Eglė Ridikaitė studied painting at Vilnius Academy of Arts. She has presented fourteen solo exhibitions and is actively participating in group exhibitions. In 2014 Ridikaitė won the award of the best artist of the international art fair ArtVilnius. In 2018 she received the Government Culture and Art Prize and in 2020 she was awarded the Lithuanian National Culture and Art Prize.



Camera and editing – Jokūbas Čižikas

Curator – Indrė Liškauskaitė

Translation and subtitles – Justė Venclovaitė

Graphic design – Ignas Miškinis


Organised by Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association

Project supported by Lithuanian Council for Culture