Arma Agharta. “Collage”: exhibition – performance – dance


9 August 2016, 9 pm

In August the sound artist-nomad Arma will invite everyone to a one night show-collage at the project space “Sodų 4”. By using the technique of collage the artist will arrange the situations in time and will manipulate sonic, visual, action methods attempting to hold the intensity of being in the present.

Keywords: shortwave – OKOK society – voice – history – laughter – primitive – quiz – between lines – egregor – rough matter – TV music – objects – intimacy – apparatuses – silence – happy end.

“The sound performances of Arma Agharta span a broad territory between unbridled eruptions of chaotic noise and hypnotic psychedelic rituals. Although his live sound, created by analogue instruments, formally fits into the familiar shelves of lo-fi, noise, etc., in reality it contains many more elements that are hard to describe.

The prominent element of Arma’s performances is absurd humour, which plunges the listener into an infantile subconscious space through odd bodily movements, spontaneous improvised games and the voice, detached from meaning and turning into unintelligible glossolalia.

Arma is also one of the most widely traveling Lithuanian sound artists. This mobility brings about both new influences, which become evident after each intense tour, and openness to all kinds of collaborations with other underground artists.” (J. Dobriakov)

Armantas Gečiauskas aka Arma is the sound performance artist, member of Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association, an initiator of Agharta organisation. Since 2007 he did more than 250 performances in USA, Canada, Russia, Ukraine and other countries. Arma is organising festivals of experimental music and event series in various locations across Lithuania. More about the artist

Photo by Milos Nesic

This event is organised by Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association, with kind support from Lithuanian Council for Culture and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania.

Project Space “Sodų 4”

Sodų Str. 4, Vilnius