Vilnius Gallery Map to be updated to offer thematic routes


LTMKS launches an initiative to update the mobile app “_VA”, which promotes access to art and cultural communication. The app is a map of Vilnius galleries that will help you keep track of all the events taking place in the capital’s galleries and exhibition spaces and allow you to recommend them to others.

The Vilnius Gallery Map _VA is a platform created by the LIAA for discovering and visiting galleries in the city. With more than 100 gallery and exhibition spaces in Vilnius, the _VA app provides an opportunity to present information about all of them in a convenient, unified and attractive way for the regular visitor to cultural events and the youngest enthusiasts. It is a way to follow the flow of cultural events and keep track of your favourite itineraries, as well as follow recommendations from other cultural visitors.

The aim of the Virtual Map of Vilnius Galleries is to bring the diversity of galleries and contemporary art spaces in Vilnius into a virtual space (a mobile phone application), thus promoting accessibility of contemporary art and cultural communication.

In 2021, the relaunch of the app included some of the necessary design and programming work, as well as the development and implementation of a communication plan. After the rest of the necessary upgrades have been completed, gallery integration training will be organised during 2022, and other coordination work related to gallery integration processes will be carried out.

The renewed gallery map will include thematic routes adapted to different audiences (seniors, teenagers). The thematic routes will take into account the specificities and needs of each social group. The Gallery Map will also have an English version, making it accessible not only to visitors and tourists to Vilnius, but also to immigrants and ethnic minorities.

The project is implemented by the Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association.
The project is partly funded by Vilnius City Municipality.