Guided exhibition tour with Andrėja Šaltytė


A guided tour with Artist Andrėja Šaltytė will take place at Atletika Gallery on Saturday, 18 December, at 4 pm during which she will introduce the process of creating her most recent exhibition “Kyiv Tongue” currently running at the gallery. On the same day, 18 December, from 1 to 8 pm a festive event “Rasos Jumble Bazaar” will take place at cultural centre SODAS 2123, where the gallery is located. We are happy to have this opportunity to invite everyone to SODAS 2123 at this time of year!

Andrėja Šaltytė’s project Kyiv Tongueis an ongoing research (2018-2021), in which she seeks to uncover language and its social role through film. It is an installation, constructed from individual film scenes, arranged in the gallery space, including a series of drawings and a vocabulary created by the artist.

After the Maidan Square protests in 2014 language has become a particularly sensitive topic in Ukraine. While the controversy over the so called language law was unfolding in the parliament of Ukraine in 2019, the artist was intensively trying to contact and approach Ukrainian citizens within their social environments. Šaltytė focused on everyday situations in which people operate and exchange language, when language emerges as an intimate rite of passage and does not succumb to external political processes.

In her cinema-related practice, Šaltytė creates situations in which characters behave performatively. The artist believes that preconceptions can be challenged and the established boundaries of social spaces can be extended only by presenting language from a different angle. She uses cinema as a tool to visualise the conflict between intimate and public language. The desire for free expression and the acquired self-censorship are trying to come to an agreement, while religion and secular culture clash and contradict each other.

Andrėja Šaltytė (b. 1988, Vilnius) lives and works in Leipzig. Studied painting at the Vilnius Academy of Arts and at the Leipzig Academy of Visual Arts, where she specialised in video and film. She had a solo exhibition at the MdbK Museum of Visual Arts in Leipzig (2019), and presented work at the Cinema Camp “Imperfect cinema” (2018). In 2021 she was awarded the German Federal Prize for Art Students and participated in an exhibition at the Federal Art Gallery in Bonn.


Director: Andrėja Šaltytė

Co-director: Leo Tax

Camera: Andrėja Šaltytė, Leo Tax, Yarema Malashuk

Main sound operator: Vitalij Garkavij

Music: Alexey Shmurak


Exhibition open 09/12/2021 – 07/01/2022/
Wednesdays to Fridays 4 – 7 pm (except 24 and 31 December).

Address: Atletika gallery, Vitebsko 21, Vilnius.

Guided tour with the artist 18/12/2021 4 pm. Proof of vaccination and registration necessary to take part in the event:

Organised by Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association (LIAA).

Activities of LIAA funded by Lithuanian Council for Culture and Vilnius City Municipality.


Production of works funded by Lithuanian Council for Culture, Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen, INITIAL scholarship.

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