Open Studios 2: Aistė Kirvelytė and Eglė Ridikaitė


For eveyone interested in the creative process the studios will be open 29th June – 18th July, 2015, between 4-8 pm

Open Studios presentation with artists 16th July 2015, from 6 pm

Eglė Ridikaitė and Aistė Kirvelytė, both well known artists in Lithuania, have been creating large scale paintings for a while now and therefore large bright studios are a necessity for them. Having recently found suitable studios for their needs they have faced some bureaucratic issues and as a result they still have no space to work.

Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association has kindly offered the project space “Malonioji 6” for three weeks for Eglė Ridikaitė and Aistė Kirvelytė who are also both members of this organisation. During this time Eglė Ridikaitė is planning to continue with her project based on earlier ideas whereas Aistė Kirvelytė is not even going to paint during this time. She will aim to create the environment encouraging the viewer to examine the existing situation and to address the issue of private property law regulations which exempt artists from paying private property tax but only in case when they own the property themselves.

Aistė Kirvelytė (born 1969) often employs the tactics of popular magazines, mass media, cinema, advertising, (socio-ideologic) narrative-building and video-editing techniques, and amplifies the artificial element in the above as well as aims to ironise and parody them. She also creates (video)animation which she uses to paradoxically address the issues of painting and painting-related problematics. Large scale painting cycles are often based on issues on photography, cinema and mass media, whereas her video and animation in a way refer to (de)construction of the language which is close to the language of painting.

The artistic practice of Eglė Ridikaitė (born 1966) is based on processuality and is expressed by large scale formats as well as non-traditional techniques. The artist has abandoned canvas stretchers as she stretches her canvases directly onto walls, covered with silicon. She expresses “hyperrealism” by spraying fragments of daily objects and attributes of popular culture onto canvases.

“Open Studios – Open Process” is a project aiming to encourage the cooperation between artists, engaging in conversations through artistic practices while also opening the doors of artistic studios for the audience involvement into creative process and the dialogue. For acknowledged artists this project is an opportunity to implement their ideas beyond their traditional studio space, while for the young artists this is an opportunity to show their work to public.

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This project is partially supported by Lithuanian Council For Culture and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania.

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