Elena Grudzinskaitė: Fake. Landscape


Opening June 30, at 6 pm
Duration: 2016 06 30 – 2016 07 23
Location: Vilnius Graphic Art Centre, Vilnius

At the end of June Vilnius Graphic Art Centre will be showing Fake.Landscape, a solo exhibition of work by young Lithuanian artist Elena Grudzinskaitė.

In her artistic practice, Elena Grudzinskaitė analyses the relationship of the individual and the territory, the limits and fragility of the parameters of space and time, the human impact on the physical changes of the environment, and the “levitation” of the notion of landscape between culture and nature, reality and fiction.

The artist’s work is marked by distinctive image transformation. In her 2015 series of prints titled Fake Moonscapes, the author employed graphic art techniques to process astrophotographs of the Moon, which she then juxtaposed with images of the mountains taken during her own journeys, bearing resemblance to the architectonics and the texture of the lunar vistas. Presented in this way, the lunar landscape documented reality and simultaneously mystified it, manipulating the viewer’s perception.

The exhibition Fake. Landscape features similar gestures. The author graphically depicts earthly terrains which were used in the film industry to create an impression of extraterrestrial landscapes. She displays these images together with a series of photopolymers which transform sites she has actually visited into unearthly scenery. The display also addresses the third issue related to artificial landscapes – the isolation and alienation of territories caused by the human activity and lifestyle. The exhibition as a whole questions the reality and authenticity of the landscapes, terrains and territories in which we have a stake, which we see, identify and perceive. It reflects on the effect of transferring the recognizable totality of a territory’s natural elements to a different, extraterrestrial context. It is likely that what we perceive as a particular landscape is just a projection of the individual consciousness.

Organizer Vilnius Graphic Art Centre
Supported by Lithuanian Council for Culture, Upartas
Partner Vilnius Academy of Arts
Special thanks to Jurij Dobriakov, Eglė Vitkutė, Giorgio Ruggeri, Simonas Nekrošius

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