Rees Archibald: the sound was already inside


08-09 July 2016 4–8 pm
Opening 07-07-2016 6 pm

In Indonesian Gamelan metal percussion instruments are considered home to spirit entities.

In this sound installation, presented at “Sodų 4” artist Rees Archibald is showing two pieces, both created in Lithuania (Nida Art Colony and his own studio in Vilnius) in 2016. In this series of works, high levels of amplification and a direct connection between a microphone and audio transducer is used to create acoustic feedback through the objects themselves. As the sound passes around this loop, the object begins to vibrate and move, making sound according to its own physical characteristics, responding to its unique inner life. A core idea in these works is that the materials ‘explore themselves.’ The sounds heard are not produced externally; you are listening to an internal feedback loop explore the harmonic potential of the objects as the sound moves between different states of energy.

Rees Archibald (b. 1972 in Australia) is an artist who currently lives and works in Lithuania. Originally a saxophone player, he spent several years in Tokyo, Japan studying shakuhachi (traditional Zen bamboo flute). Later he was working with composers Alvin Lucier, Ron Kuivila and David Behrman in the USA and was studying music composition. Rees has performed and had work shown at venues such as The Kitchen in New York City, ZKM/HfG in Karlsruhe, the Sydney Opera House, Red Gate Gallery, Beijing, and the Emit/Time Festival in Bern.

This exhibition is organised by Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association, with kind support from Lithuanian Council for Culture and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania.

Project Space “Sodų 4”
Sodų Str. 4, Vilnius