Jurga Barilaitė “Wheel and Stick”: Workshops of Psychophysical Exercise and Performance


“Wheel and Stick” is a workshops and performance series event by artist Jurga Barilaitė, starting from 9th March 2018 on the ground floor of project space “Sodų 4”, continuously visible from the outside through the windows of the space. A public workshop will be organised as part of this event on the 14th of March, and the final performance with an exhibition of visual results of all workshops will take place on the 16th of March.

According to J. Derrida, ‘around’ is not just the trajectory, not aimed to reach anything. It has got its direction, drawing a trajectory around certain object. This object could be called the center, which this trajectory never meets, but which is therefore much better defined and controlled.

“Wheel and Stick” is a series of psychophysical exercises, which employ breathing techniques and exercises for spinal strength, aimed at getting the physical body back to balance. The activities follow the principle of going ‘around’ – drawing circles in the space with purpose built tools and employing exercises for spinal stretching and shoulder strengthening.

“My creative practice is closely related to the body and physiology. In almost all of my works I use actions, which require special physical stamina. This sometimes is rather extreme challenge for the body as well as for the soul… So I have to stay in good physical health, especially considering the fact that I have to deal with consequences of physical traumas I had years ago (when I had broken my spine). Therefore I practice “ritualistic painting” – a physical and mental exercise technique, developed by myself, and which is a set of spinal stretching exercises, combined with action painting, drawing, rhythmical breathing and sounds to maintain the rhythm. In other words, what I do is I sing, I exercise and I paint” (Jurga Barilaitė).

According to the artist, this method is important not just for the survival but also for new discoveries in painting. A set of active actions the artist is performing allows to record a variety of motion trajectories and body ornamentics, to feel the unity between the geometry and body proportions, preparing oneself for the challenges of the creativity. Mechanical repetition of exercises satisfies the need for the ritual and leads to relaxation, to the creative joy and unity. This repetition however allows to retain the perception that all the search for unity and for the primordial is merely a re–make and fiction, and that the creativity itself is a fiction.

Jurga Barilaitė (born 1972 in Vilnius) is involved in interdisciplinary projects and is actively participating in exhibitions since 1996. She creates performances and videos, which often contain ideas about the nature of painting, performativity, the role of woman and femininity in the society. The artists is often using her body as a means of expression, where her body becomes the main object of the work. Barilaitė has organised similar workshops at National Gallery of Art, during Plein Air in Preila and in Sapfo festival in 2017.

Workshop: 2018/03/14 19:00 (please register by email info@letmekoo.lt)
Closing event with performance and exhibition of workshop results: 2018/03/16 18:00

The event is organised by Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association.
Sponsor: Lithuanian Council for Culture.

Project space ‘Sodų 4’
4 Sodų St, Vilnius