EX(s): A performative examination of the narratives of romantic love by Camilla Graff Junior


‘Sodų 4’ is pleased to present a performance and a workshop, inviting everyone interested to join for the performative examination of the narratives of romantic love, taking place over two days in Vilnius, led by artist Camilla Graff Junior.

The performance project explores the narratives of romantic love through an examination of the past love stories of the performer, Camilla Graff Junior. It for this makes use of different narrative strategies, a number of cover songs, stories and the presence of an invited guest.

‘Ex(s)’ is the second piece in a performance trilogy. The common point for all three works is that they integrate autobiographical material and that the performer lend herself out as a projection surface to the audience, and work with her own narratives and vulnerability to talk about identity, family relations, grief, norms, gender and love. The first project in the series ‘My mom is a wolf, my dad…’ was performed in Vilnius in 2014.

In the workshop the participants will – with the performance project as a starting point – elaborate on individual lists of past relationships. Two by two and also as a group they will together with Camilla explore different models to read these lists and narrate around the patterns they show.

Camilla Graff Junior is a Danish performance artist and curator. She graduated in performance studies in 2007 and holds a double Master’s degree from Université la Sorbonne Nouvelle in Paris and from the University of Copenhagen. Her projects are situated in the intersections between visual art, creative writing, narrative, feminist theory, archive and affect. Over the past twenty years she has conceived a number of solo and collaborative performances, that have been performed in Europe, Africa, South America and the United States.

Performance 27/02/2018, 6 pm (duration: 90 min) open to public, no registration necessary
Workshop 28/02/2018, 3–8 pm (limited number of participants, please register by email info@letmekoo.lt)

All events are free

The project is supported by Danish Arts Foundation – Committee for Performing Arts and Nordic Culture Point.
Related residencies: Kanuti Gildi Saal, Tallinn (EE), MoKS, Mooste (EE), Danish Development Center for Performing Arts (DK) and Studenterhytta in Nordmarka, Oslo (NO).

The presentation of the project at ‘Sodų 4’ is organised by Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association, with kind support of Lithuanian Council for Culture.

Photo: Sebastian Dieterich

Project space ‘Sodų 4’
4 Sodų St, Vilnius

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